Witness To Death

Witness To Death

Language: English

Pages: 256


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The phenomenal ebook bestseller from the acclaimed author of the Jackson Donne series!
Named one of the Best Crime Novels of the Year by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

John Brighton is an ordinary young schoolteacher still hung up on his ex, Michelle. Suspecting her new boyfriend is cheating on her, John decides to follow Frank's Lexus and find out the truth once and for all. Turns out John's in for a major surprise. Frank isn't heading for some sack time with another girl. Instead he drags John into the middle of a shootout on the banks of the Hudson River, and before John knows what's happening, he's knee-deep in bodies.

Before the corpses can even cool, Frank disappears and John finds himself wanted for five murders. With no way to prove his innocence, John goes on the run—not only from the police, but a vicious assassin as well. And when Michelle is kidnapped, John’s worst-case scenario comes true. Though his head tells him to stay in hiding, his heart says otherwise. He has to save the woman he loves or die trying.

As John begins to uncover the truth surrounding the events that have turned his life upside down, he learns it isn’t just Michelle he must rescue. Thousands of other innocent lives are in jeopardy too.

A heart-pounding, heart-stopping, heart-breaking thriller from two-time Shamus Award nominated author, Dave White. For fans of Harlan Coben, Thomas Perry and Jeff Abbott.

Praise for Witness to Death

"Dave White has always been able to build stories with the right balance of suspense and contemplative character study. He builds a character that is like us. Regular, normal. A guy with real fears." --The Hungry Detective

"A terrific thriller." --The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel















ran up his wrists. It felt like the lead ball that’d been resting in his stomach all night was trying to make its way up his esophagus and out of his mouth. John held his breath. None of this would have happened if he hadn’t danced with Michelle at that wedding. He’d still be with Ashley. She wouldn’t have dumped him. He could still be going along pretending everything was fine. Ashley wouldn’t have started to act weird. Tucking his hand under his armpits and squeezing, he tried to stop the

him by the wrist and pulled. He saw the cop rolling on the floor. His sleeve was on fire. “Come on!” she screamed, then dragged him through the door. Alarms and bells rang and the sprinklers went off in the hall. The water was freezing. As it washed down John’s face, he could taste it mixing with the salt of his sweat. Police were yelling for everyone to get out of the building. Some of the fire had spread to a nearby desk filled with papers, and across the carpet on the floor. Two

his toes, but it seemed his core was warming. He entered a series of codes and passwords in order to make the secure connections, and got through to Candy Balascio. She answered the phone with the word, “Roosevelt.” “Cruise,” he responded. “Peter, why aren’t you on your own phone?” “I’ve been out of a cell range for a while. I had to borrow a phone from someone with a better service.” He forced out a chuckle. “Leave it to the department to use a provider that limits service.”

adjusting his gloves. “You hear this shit?” Donte asked, nodding toward the radio. “No. What?” Did the West Side blow up? Are all the cops swarming over there looking for survivors, making the rest of the city a damned criminal picnic? He pushed back his glove and looked at his watch. Still twelve minutes to go. Too early. “Some bitch with a knife, and some other asshole are having an all out brawl on the West Side Highway. Two blocks from here, can you believe it? The cops are on

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