Why I Am Not a Christian: Four Conclusive Reasons to Reject the Faith

Why I Am Not a Christian: Four Conclusive Reasons to Reject the Faith

Richard Carrier

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 1456588850

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dr. Richard Carrier, world renowned philosopher and historian, explains the four reasons he does not accept the Christian religion, describing four facts of the world that, had they been different, he would believe. He is brief, clear, and down to earth, covering the whole topic in under ninety pages of easy-to-read explanation. Those four reasons are God's silence, God's inaction, the lack of evidence, and the way the universe looks exactly like a godless universe would, and not at all like a Christian universe would, even down to its very structure. Dr. Carrier addresses all the usual replies to these claims, in ways you might not have heard before, relying on his wide experience in debating and studying these issues all over the world for more than fifteen years. A perfect book to introduce yourself, or your friends, to why fewer educated people are embracing Christianity than ever before. Ideal for handing out to door-to-door missionaries.



















Jesus Christ, who is (or embodies or represents) the Creator, and can alone “save” us from “eternal death” if we now ask this Jesus to forgive our sins. That’s as quoted and paraphrased from his aptly titled (and very popular) tract Mere Christianity. If this is what Christianity is (and most Christians appear to believe so), then there are four reasons why I do not believe a word of it. And all four would have to be answered with a clear preponderance of evidence before I would ever change my

Earth (2000); Christopher Wills & Jeffrey Bada, The Spark of Life (2000); J. William Schopf, Life’s Origin (2002); John Maynard Smith & Eors Szathmary, The Origins of Life (1999); and Peter Ward & Donald Brownlee, Rare Earth (2000). †Besides my summary and bibliography in Sense and Goodness without God (pp. 165-76), experts have produced many superb books demonstrating evolution theory is true: Richard Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth (2009); Jerry Coyne, Why Evolution Is True (2009); Donald

any excuse for God, either. There are always disagreements, and there are always people who don’t follow what they are told or what they know to be true. But that doesn’t matter. Chemists all agree on the fundamental facts of chemistry. Doctors all agree on the fundamental facts of medicine. Engineers all agree on the fundamental facts of engineering. So why can’t all humans agree on the fundamental facts of salvation? There is no more reason that they should be confused or in the dark about this

protect themselves and their children. And a loving person with godlike powers could simply calm the sea, or grant everyone’s bodies the power to resist serious injury, so then the only tragedy they must come together to overcome is temporary pain and the loss of worldly goods. We would have done these things, if we could—and God can. Therefore, either God would have done them, too—or God is worse than us. Far worse. Either way, Christianity is false. The logic of this is again unassailable. So

not have been the one who robbed your house, because Michael is your neighbor and he is a very good man,” or “Don’t worry about losing your job, because there is this man who lives near you named Michael and he is a very good man”—I must first establish that the premise is true: that there is such a man, and that he is in fact very good. Whatever evidence would convince anyone of this fact, will also be sufficient to convince them that there is this guy named God who is a very good person. But

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