When China Rules the World: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World (Chinese Edition)

When China Rules the World: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World (Chinese Edition)


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the population and between them India and China comprise around 38 per cent of the world’s population. As both are still only in the early stages of their transformation, it is impossible at present to be clear what this might mean in terms of their relationship with other states. The Westphalian system might survive the emergence of China and India as global powers, but it will certainly look very different than at any previous stage in its history, especially given China’s status as a

Asia’s New Dynamics (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005) Pomeranz, Kenneth, The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy (Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2000) Pomfret, John, ‘US raises pressure on China to rein in N. Korea’, Washington Post, 6 December 2010 Porritt, Jonathon, ‘China Could Lead the Fight for a Cooler Climate’,13 November 2007, posted on www.chinadialogue.net Portal, Jane, ed., The First Emperor: China’s

product rather than a foreign import.92 The Communists had already acquired some initial experience of governance in the areas over which they had enjoyed limited authority during the late twenties and early thirties,93 subsequently in the expanding territory they controlled during the resistance against the Japanese occupation after 1937, especially North China, and finally in the regions they governed during the Civil War between 1945 and 1949. One of the key problems that faced both the late

the name of class struggle. Meanwhile the West, with the exception of a brief period during the Second World War, has, more or less ever since the 1917 October Revolution, regarded Communist regimes as the devil incarnate. As a result, too little attempt has been made to understand them in their historical and cultural context, to appreciate the continuities with previous history and not just the discontinuities. In sum, for a variety of reasons, there has been a tendency to overlook the powerful

well as a powerful educational ethos widely shared across the population.122 The country produced almost 4.5 million graduates in 2007 compared with 950,000 in 2000: the equivalent figures for the United States are 2.7 million in 2007 and a little over 2.1 million in 2000. In addition, a significant number of Chinese students are educated at the top American universities, with a sizeable proportion choosing to stay on and work in the US afterwards: Chinese, for example, account for around

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