What to Consider If You're Considering University: New Rules for Education and Employment

What to Consider If You're Considering University: New Rules for Education and Employment

Bill Morrison

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 1459722981

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A degree is no longer a passport to success in today’s job market.

Going to university used to be a passport to future success, but that’s no longer the case. For some students, it’s still a good choice that leads to a successful career after graduation, but for many their degrees are worthless pieces of paper. Choose the wrong program and graduation is more likely to lead to disillusionment and debt than a steady paycheque.

Yet parents, guidance counselors, and politicians still push higher education as if it’s the only option for building a secure future. In this book, Ken S. Coates and Bill Morrison set out to explore the many educational opportunities and career paths open to Canadian high-school students and those in their twenties. This book is designed to help young adults decide whether to pursue a degree, enrol for skills training, or investigate one of the many other options that are available.


















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could and should be both a grand adventure and the launch of adulthood. Be Adventurous, but be Careful The worst thing that you can do with your travel time is to gather together with some high school friends, settle on an itinerary by consensus, and then head out together in a prolonged extension of a high school field trip. You may have one good friend who shares your interests and wants to explore, but making the journey into a group exercise is not the best way to go. There is no fixed

that’s another story. And then you should write. You will of course write all your high school assignments, but some schools don’t give very many, and some go in for the composition type of thing that doesn’t do you any good at university. Why not write for the school yearbook or, even better, become the school correspondent for your local newspaper? Write wherever you can: news in the bulletin of your temple, church, or mosque, something about your hockey team for the newspaper. Write letters

Residence costs also vary, but a double room with washroom is $5,400, and a meal plan is $3,135 (more for big eaters). McMaster reckons $1,200 for books (which seems hard to believe and, in fact, varies a lot between programs — but some science texts are amazingly expensive). McMaster estimates $1,000 for “personal expenses” and $1,000 for “entertainment,” which isn’t very much spread over eight months; you’d have to live a pretty spartan life to get away with that. The total is over $18,000.

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