Tips for Using Your Slow Cooker

Tips for Using Your Slow Cooker

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1561487740

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

          From the Fix-It and Forget-It slow-cooker experts, and the thousands of followers of the Fix-It and blog and Facebook page, comes a book chock-full of tips for using your slow cooker. This is the book to turn to, whatever your slow-cooker question or dilemma. For example—   Do I really have to brown the meat before putting it into the slow cooker, even if the recipe tells me to do that?   Can I cook a dish in half the time on High if the recipe tells me to cook it on Low?   How can I convert a stove-top or oven recipe so it can be cooked in a slow cooker?   How do I keep chicken breasts from overcooking in a slow cooker?   I don't have a baking insert. How do I "bake" a cake without one in my slow cooker?   How can I get meat loaf or lasagna out of the slow cooker without breaking it and ruining its appearance?           The collection includes real-life tested tips, plus stories of slowcooker successes and disasters, unusual discoveries, and slow cookers' role in special occasions. A handy resource for new and experienced cooks, from those who love their slow cookers and have learned by doing.

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Galesburg, IL 2. Bring a long extension cord and masking tape to tape the cord down to the rug/floor. Mary Vaughan, East Amherst, NY 3. Make sure the slow cooker is close to the outlet. The cords are short on purpose because the manufacturers do not advise using extension cords. Nancy Kelley, Orlando, FL 4. If it’s a carry-in event where there will likely be multiple cookers in use, I make sure there are enough outlets. If I’m not sure about the facilities, it’s wise to have several outlet

summer and in the garage in winter. Dolores S. Kratz, Souderton, PA 5. I have used my slow cooker in my garage. I was cooking something overnight and didn’t want the smell to bother my family while they slept. Elaine Jones, Grand Rivers, KY 6. I used my slow cooker in a house being renovated. We put a board across the kitchen sink as there were no countertops. Kathy Goehring, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 7. We were painting in the kitchen and had a mess all over the dining room and kitchen. I put

the cooking meat all afternoon. Nonetheless, my friends were thrilled to have dinner ready when they got home! Carna Reitz, Remington, VA 10. I loaned my 3-pot buffet server slow cooker to a friend whose son had died, and I also provided three different homemade soups. The family had relatives arriving at different times from around the country to stay at and near the family’s home. With bread and salad accompaniments, the soup meal was little fuss or muss for the family and a nice

knowing how they fixed it, we didn’t want to use it because of the chemicals. I plan on repurposing it as a planter, since it has a nice flower pattern on it. Tracey Monroe, Madison, WI 4. After my first slow cooker stopped working, I used the crock as a flower pot. Carmon Rye, Clifford, MI 5. I liked the idea for using the crock for an animal dish, because they can’t dump it over. Kathie Delano, Hebron, ME 6. We used the crock for a Halloween party for dunking apples. Chris Lalonde, St.

if it’s browned first. It’s more or less aesthetics for me. Just lightly browning chops or chicken gives them a much better appearance. Molly Garza, Katy, TX 6. Browning makes beautiful brown, not gray, meat. Patty Paulsen, South Jordan, UT 7. My husband hates boiled meat, but if he knows I browned it first, he will eat anything I make in the slow cooker. Delilah Swinford, Anderson, IN 8. I brown my pork ribs in the broiler first before putting them in the slow cooker. It cooks off some of

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