The Suspect (Signet Novel)

The Suspect (Signet Novel)

John Lescroart

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0451222768

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Carelessly confident that the cops will recognize his innocence when his wife is found murdered, Stuart Gorman tells them everything-and becomes not only the number-one suspect, but number-one with a bullet. He reluctantly hires lawyer Gina Roake. Back in the game after a personal loss of her own, Gina knows all too well that innocence is no guarantee of justice...

















at least she had no reason to be.” “That’s not the same thing. I’m just telling you that if you have been having an affair with your wife’s sister, and it gets out, which it will if you were, it’s going to cause problems.” Stuart’s voice went up a notch. “It wouldn’t mean I killed Caryn, for Christ’s sake!” But Gina needed to nail down this fact. She uncrossed her legs and leaned toward him. “So for the record, Stuart, your relationship with Debra is not now and never has been intimate?” “No.

will. When she left for college it wasn’t very pretty between them. That’s not making it any easier on her now.” “No, I don’t suppose it is. Where is she now?” “I left her back at the hotel. She cried all night and finally crashed sometime around six this morning, so I thought I’d just let her sleep. She ought to be all right for a few hours anyway.” He hesitated. “Debra came by early, just in case, and said she’d stay until Kym woke up and be there for her. But this is killing Kym. I don’t

an affair?” “Yes.” “Definitely?” A beat, then, “Yes.” “Okay, then, there’s your case. So here’s ten cents of free advice: Prove it.” TWENTY-FIVE IT WAS STILL DARK OUT WHEN Gina heard her morning Chronicle hit her front door and, since she wasn’t sleeping anyway, reached out in her pajamas and brought it in. The end of the balmy spell, prefigured for the past several days by increasing winds and scudding cloud cover, was now reality enough that the paper was wrapped in plastic to keep

TOOK WHAT SHE HOPED WAS an invisible deep breath, pushed her chair back, and got to her feet. Her legs, much to her relief, felt strong. (Dismas Hardy had cautioned her to watch out about standing up too fast or moving too far away from her table before she felt her sea legs come in under her.) Wasting no time, she walked to the center of the courtroom. “Good morning, Doctor. Did you say that the blow from the bottle to the victim’s head rendered her unconscious?” “No. Not exactly. I said it

intently, but at this question, another low hum of laughter rippled through the gallery. Thinking everyone was laughing at Gina—perhaps they were—Faro couldn’t quite hide a quick and confident smirk. “Did I ask the lab to analyze the rest of the garbage?” he repeated. “Right. That’s my question.” “For what?” Still playing it for a laugh. Gina shrugged. “I don’t know. Evidence?” Realizing that even if Gina’s question was ridiculous, she was serious about it, Faro sat up. “I was with the lab

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