The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom

The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom

Stephen D. Brookfield

Language: English

Pages: 322

ISBN: 1118450299

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this second edition of the book that has become a classic in the field, award-winning author Stephen D. Brookfield offers inspiration and down-to-earth advice to new and seasoned teachers. The Skillful Teacher is a comprehensive guide that shows how to thrive on the unpredictability and diversity of classroom life and includes insights developed from the hundreds of workshops conducted by the author. This new edition also reflects the many changes that have come about in the decade since the book was first published and includes new chapters that deal with emerging topics such as classroom diversity and teaching in online learning environments.

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away has involved this person covering for you in any way, find some way of acknowledging that and returning the favor. 3. Never talk about what happened in class until you’re asked directly to do so. 4. If you absolutely cannot follow rule 3, and you feel you really have to share what happened in class, you should make sure that you begin your sharing by talking about moments of anxiety or insecurity. Instead of celebrating the marvelous things happening to you as a student, talk about how you

engaged conversation. My brilliantly framed, teasingly provocative questions were usually met with a complete lack of response. When this happened I would usually panic (after carefully and silently counting off my wait time of fifteen or twenty seconds, which seemed like an eternity) and then answer questions myself by producing a series of elegant disquisitions on the topic of the day. In situations like these the students quickly learned they needn’t bother actually answering my questions

authentically is an irretrievable loss of face in front of peers. This culture can be so ingrained in some students that there is often little a teacher can do to overcome it. However, three steps are worth considering. First, allowing students to make their comments through e-mail may persuade them that the privacy this affords allows them to contribute to the conversation without destroying their image. Uncool behavior is behavior that leaves you looking like a teacher’s favorite in front of

Theme Poser. This participant has the task of introducing the topic of conversation. She draws on her own ideas and experiences as a way of helping others into conversation about the theme. • Reflective Analyst. This member keeps a record of the conversation’s development. Every twenty minutes or so she gives a summary that focuses on shared concerns, issues skirted, and emerging common themes. • Scrounger. The scrounger listens for helpful resources, suggestions, and tips that participants

describe concepts central to the course, are these clearly and accurately elucidated? Do you illustrate your understanding of these central ideas by providing frequent illustrations and examples? 3. The degree to which your assertions are supported. You will be making claims regarding the ideas of the authors you are summarizing in your essays. Are these claims and assertions fully supported by references to specific elements in their work? Do you give at least three quotes and citations, as

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