The Secret Chapel (God's Lions, Book 1)

The Secret Chapel (God's Lions, Book 1)

John Brooks Lyman

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 2:00083573

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Summoned to Rome by an old friend, a Jesuit scholar finds himself using a code discovered in the Bible to unearth an ancient, hidden chapel in the catacombs under the city. When a rogue force of Vatican security officials are alerted to his discovery, the priest flees to the Holy Land with a clue ... a clue that will lead him and a team of Israeli Christians to a much larger secret in the middle of the barren Negev Desert.

Meticulously researched and drawing on scientific fact, John Lyman's intriguing story takes us into the world of scholars, archaeologists, code-breakers, and intelligence specialists who have discovered a prophetic code hidden within the Old Testament that authenticates the Bible as a book of supernatural orgin and points to a divine plan. This gripping novel is truly a thought-provoking and action-packed thriller with implications for our future.
















grand salon opened and Lev stepped out with Ariella on his arm. John gasped silently as she stood before him, a vision of pure femininity. He had never seen her in a dress before, and she looked even more gorgeous than he thought possible. She wore a knee-length white silk dress emblazoned with a red and yellow Calder-like pattern. Her long brown hair was pulled up on top of her head, and long gold earrings and light makeup highlighted her already perfect features. Her brown eyes positively

wound his way through traffic. “Do you think that’s wise, Father? I mean, if this is a place where you are known to stay, the phone might be tapped. They could even be watching it.” “I e-mailed the owner. Besides, they probably don’t think I would be bold enough to come back to my regular hotel. It’s probably the safest place in Rome for us to be right now.” The van weaved its way down the Via Crescenzio past the Castel Sant’Angelo, the same enormous castle where they had climbed out of the

sidestep this situation quickly. The book had to reach the chapel, and without knowing exactly why, they knew it had to be delivered soon. Leo tried to think. What if they searched the backpack? The security men would be sure to search them when they reached the police station. Alon was livid. Lev’s words ran over and over again in his mind. Guard the book with your life! No matter what happened, he would never let these men get their hands on the book. Leo could tell by looking at Alon what

placed them on the counter with their passports. “Concourse B, to your left. Your plane is on time tonight, gentlemen. Have a nice flight.” Leo and John exhaled slowly. Almost to the finish line. The two men grabbed their tickets and headed across the immense lobby toward the security checkpoint. They were within feet of the metal detector when John suddenly stopped and looked at Leo. “What about the brick with the painting on it in my backpack?” The look on Leo’s face told John that he had

with us. We’ll show you to your rooms.” Walking toward the villa, Lev stopped and looked back at Leo. “Why don’t you two go enjoy a few beers on the beach, Father? We’ll find some swimming trunks for you both. I’ll call you when lunch is ready.” With that, Lev turned and walked into the villa, leaving a bewildered Leo and John at the mercy of their giggling captors. Chapter 14 The shallow turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea stretched before Leo and John as they reclined on weathered

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