The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning In and Across the Disciplines

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning In and Across the Disciplines

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Pages: 288

ISBN: 0253006767

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The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) began primarily as a discipline-based movement, committed to exploring the signature pedagogical and learning styles of each discipline within higher education, with little exchange across disciplines. As the field has developed, new questions have arisen concerning cross-disciplinary comparison and learning in multidisciplinary settings This volume by a stellar group of experts provides a state-of-the-field review of recent SoTL scholarship within a range of disciplines and offers a stimulating discussion of critical issues related to interdisciplinarity in teaching, learning, and SoTL research.













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interdisciplinary field. Yet entrée remains an issue because, as several essays in this volume remind us, the disciplines (and subdisciplines) are differently positioned visà-vis the emergent “core” of the field. Speaking as a humanist, Nancy Chick expresses concern that the growing dominance of social science approaches in the scholarship of teaching and learning can leave humanists feeling left out. In fact, she argues, literary studies has much to offer: concepts that can “negotiate” the

your students when you were speaking earlier about students choosing what images they were going to use for their poster, and those choices becoming points of dialogue for them. Similarly, how did your 176 • SOTL ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES students feel when given the importance of the written word for their argument; they did not have that familiar format anymore? DR: There was a mixture of reactions. Some students, similar to yours, were freed from that convention. In interviews, some of them

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