The Red Pavilion (Judge Dee Mysteries, Book 8)

The Red Pavilion (Judge Dee Mysteries, Book 8)

Robert Van Gulik

Language: English

Pages: 118

ISBN: 0226848736

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A chance encounter with Autumn Moon, the most powerful courtesan on Paradise Island, leads Judge Dee to investigate three deaths. Although he finally teases the true story from a tangled history of passion and betrayal, Dee is saddened by the perversion, corruption, and waste of the world "of flowers and willows" that thrives on prostitution.














of fact, it was the Crab who introduced me to Miss Ling, now and then he brings her medicine, for her cough. The poor dear's face is horribly disfigured by pock-marks, but she has the most beautiful voice. It seems that thirty years ago she was a famous courtesan here, of the first rank, and very popular. Isn't it sad that such an ugly old woman once was a great courtesan? It makes you think that some day you yourself . . .' Her voice trailed off. In order to cheer her up Ma Joong began to talk

located on a busy corner. They found it crammed with larger and smaller tables loaded with vases, statues, lacquer boxes and other antiques of all kinds and sizes. "When the shop assistant had gone upstairs with Judge Dee's large red visiting card, the judge whispered to Ma Joong: 'You'll go upstairs with me, I'll say you are a collector of porcelain.' He cut the tall fellow's protests short, saying: 'I want you to be there, as a witness.' "Wen Yuan came hurriedly down and welcomed the judge

this, for he was not too sure that, even with the spear, he would be able to hold out for long against four swordsmen. He placed an accurate kick on the shaft of the spear aimed at him, but the tall ruffian held on to it. Ma Joong barked over his shoulder at the Shrimp: ' Run for help ! ' ' Get out of my way! ' the hunchback hissed behind him. The small fellow brushed by Ma Joong's legs and went straight at the rogue with the spear. He poised his spear at the hunchback with an evil grin. Ma

life and death, perhaps even affairs of state! He must again question that rascally curio-dealer, if necessary with legal severities, then visit the Academician's father. He must... He wiped the perspiration from his forehead, it was stifling hot in the room, and the smoking candle smelled badly. He recollected himself. He must not go too fast, he must first try to reconstruct the sequence of events. When the Academician had reached his decision and handed the envelope to the Queen Flower, he

gaiety: ' It's time for something better than tea, gentlemen ! Let's sit down to dinner! ' He led the judge ceremoniously to the seat of honour, facing the entrance. He himself took the seat opposite, with Tao Pan-te on his left and the curio-dealer, Wen Yuan, on his right. He motioned the young poet to sit down on Judge Dee's right side, then proposed a toast to bid the judge welcome to the island. Judge Dee took a few sips from the strong wine. Then he asked, pointing at the empty chair on

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