The Place of Dead Roads: A Novel

The Place of Dead Roads: A Novel

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0312278659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A good old-fashion shoot-out in the American West of the frontier days serves as the springboard for this hyperkinetic adventure in which gunslingers, led by Kim Carson, fight for galactic freedom. The Place of Dead Roads is the second novel in the trilogy with Cities of the Red Night and The Western Lands.
















interviews with his mother, who died years before he was born … even pictures of the posses repenting and getting born again in Jesus.… Not that some reporters weren’t suspicious.… They can smell a fake story but they couldn’t prove anything. We even had a body in the coffin just in case; young Mexican died of scarlet fever … the picture was the easiest part.… Lots of ways to fake a hanging picture or any picture, for that matter.… Easiest is you don’t show the feet and they are standing on

September 16, 1899 … Kim took the stage to Boulder … Overlook Hotel … uneasy déjà vu … flash of resentment on a whispering south wind … BANG! Phantom gun … empty grab … too heavy … too fast … too easy … Three witnesses ejaculating, Kim took the stage back to Denver.… Back to the rod-riding, hop-smoking underworld … back to the rooming houses and pawnshops … the hobo jungles and opium dens … back to the Johnson Family. *   *   * Kim bought a thin gold pocket watch. Coming out of the jewelry

woman … recent coronary … check hospitals, narrow it down.” We find a blighted area of semidetached houses with scraggly little vegetable gardens, five dogs outside; this must be the place. “Did you write this letter, Mrs. Murphy?” “Who are you men, anyway?” “And who were you, Mrs. Murphy?” SPUT … a dart with organic cyanide compound, almost odorless. They found her two days later, most of her face eaten off by the dogs. (Wasn’t the dogs’ fault … hungry, you know.) We go through the

how the whole system can be installed in England or anywhere else. The Queen is the head filter just like the Pharaohs. And any vampiric immortality is strictly limited. Like a good club. Oh yes, we’ve come a long way from the Egyptians. They had to maintain an actual life-sized mummy. We can reduce our wealthy clients to a virus particle that can take root anywhere and suck and suck as good as any mummy because it’s got all the genetic information. Mummies are the arch-conservatives.… “What

alertness around him like a cloak … blood diseased from outer space … intercourse … sperm … think of it getting loose … reeking of corruption and death … look closer … the face, hands, blood … human animal in the diseased cloak … And when intercourse sperms father’s portrait: naked alien face … April is the cruelest month mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain … half-remembered bargains and promises … old friends and enemies … Death and the Piper? Kim knew he had to do

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