Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan): Updated, Modern English. More than 100 Illustrations.

Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan): Updated, Modern English. More than 100 Illustrations.

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1622452399

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Often disguised as something that would help him, evil accompanies Christian on his journey to the Celestial City. As you walk with him, you'll begin to identify today's many religious pitfalls. These are presented by men such as Pliable, who turns back at the Slough of Despond; and Ignorance, who believes he's a true follower of Christ when he's really only trusting in himself. Each character represented in this allegory is intentionally and profoundly accurate in its depiction of what we see all around us, and unfortunately, what we too often see in ourselves. But while Christian is injured and nearly killed, he eventually prevails to the end. So can you.

The best part of this book is the Bible verses added to the text. The original Pilgrim's Progress listed the Bible verse references, but the verses themselves are so impactful when tied to the scenes in this allegory, that they are now included within the text of this book. The text is tweaked just enough to make it readable today, for the young and the old. Youngsters in particular will be drawn to the original illustrations included in this wonderful classic.












dwell in the Mountain of Zion alone. They said moreover, that he had made many Pilgrims Princes, though by nature they were Beggars born, and their original had been the dunghill. Christ makes princes of beggars Thus they discoursed together till late at night; and after they had committed themselves to their Lord for protection, they betook themselves to rest: the Pilgrim they laid in a large upper chamber, whose window opened towards the Sun rising: the name of the chamber was Peace, where he

pardon offences. He would also have thee know that he inviteth thee to come into his presence, to his Table, and that he will feed thee with the Fat of his house, and with the Heritage of Jacob thy Father. Convictions seconded with fresh tidings of God’s readiness to pardon There is Christian thy Husband that was, with Legions more his Companions, ever beholding that Face that doth minister Life to beholders; and they will all be glad when they shall hear the sound of thy feet step over thy

of faith lay hold of and dwell in the best Room that belongs to the King’s House above ? The interpretation CHRIS. I thought, said Christiana, of some thing of this, but I could not imagine it all. I thought that we were like Spiders, and that we looked like ugly creatures, in what fine Room soever we were; but that by this Spider, this venomous and ill-favoured creature, we were to learn how to act Faith, came not into my mind. And yet she has taken hold with her hands, as I see, and dwells in

is taking Golden anchor Of Abra. ham offering up Isaac Prudence’s virginals Now about this time, one knocked at the door; so the Porter opened, and behold Mr Great-heart was there; but when he was come in, what joy was there? For it came now fresh again into their minds, how but a while ago he had slain old Grim Bloody-man the Giant, and delivered them from the Lions. Mr Great-heart come again Then said Mr Great-heart to Christiana and to Mercy, My Lord has sent each of you a Bottle of

place? GREAT-HEART. I had heard of you before, by my Master, for he knows all things that are done on the Earth; but I have often wondered that any should come from your place, for your Town is worse than is the City of Destruction itself. Stupefied ones are worse than those merely carnal HON. Yes, we lie more off from the Sun, and so are more cold and senseless; but was a man in a Mountain of Ice, yet if the Sun of Righteousness will arise upon him, his frozen heart shall feel a thaw; and

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