The Night Gardener

The Night Gardener

Language: English

Pages: 372

ISBN: 0316056502

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Gus Ramone is "good police," a former Internal Affairs investigator now working homicide for the city's Violent Crime branch. His new case involves the death of a local teenager named Asa whose body has been found in a local community garden.The murder unearths intense memories of a case Ramone worked as a patrol cop twenty years earlier, when he and his partner, Dan "Doc" Holiday, assisted a legendary detective named T. C. Cook. The series of murders, all involving local teenage victims, was never solved. In the years since, Holiday has left the force under a cloud of morals charges, and now finds work as a bodyguard and driver. Cook has retired, but he has never stopped agonizing about the "Night Gardener" killings.The new case draws the three men together on a grim mission to finish the work that has haunted them for years. All the love, regret, and anger that once burned between them comes rushing back, and old ghosts walk once more as the men try to lay to rest the monster who has stalked their dreams. Bigger and even more unstoppable than his previous thrillers, George Pelecanos achieves in THE NIGHT GARDENER what his brilliant career has been building toward: a novel that is a perfect union of suspense, character, and unstoppable fate.


















way. Henderson turned and shot Romeo Brock in the center of his chest. The gun jumped in Henderson’s hand as he shot him again. Brock went back over the chair. His arms pinwheeled through crimson mist as he fell. Dunne squeezed off two rounds in the direction of Benjamin. The first slug went through Benjamin’s shoulder and blew a fist-sized hole out of his back. The second, high from the recoil, nicked his carotid artery as it tunneled through his neck. Benjamin fired his .44 through a cloud

not hear the words himself. He tasted blood in his mouth. He swallowed the blood and breathed rapidly, and his eyes widened in fright. Into his field of vision came the Number One Male. He stood over Dunne and pointed his gun at his chest. There were tears streaming down the young man’s face. “Nine-one-one,” said Dunne. He felt hot blood spill out of his mouth and pour down his chin. The young man lowered his gun. He slipped it barrel-down behind the belt line of his jeans and pulled his shirt

believe that those bits of hair, cut from the heads of Otto Williams, Ava Simmons, and Eve Drake twenty years earlier, were somewhere in the house that he was looking at now. Cook had convinced himself that this was a good time to see if he was right. He knew that what he was about to do was a crime. But he felt that time was growing short. There was a good chance the hair samples were not in the house. But perhaps something was. Something that could link Reginald Wilson to the deaths of those

out,” the man had said. “I don’t want you in here.” Diego had been with his friend Toby. Toby was topped by a black skully, and both wore their jeans low and had drawstring-style bags on their backs. Diego had wanted to get a Sierra Mist before he got on the bus headed back to the District. “Wanna buy a soda,” said Diego. “I don’t want your money,” said the man, pointing to the door. “Out!” Diego and Toby had hard-eyed the man for a moment and left the store. Out on the sidewalk, on the

that, fidelity issues a while back.” “Fuck your rumors. Who told you that, your boy Ramirez?” “I don’t remember. It could have been him. It was just something that was going around.” “Bullshit.” “Johnny said you dropped in on him today at the academy.” “Yeah, I saw him. Ramirez was wearing his pink belt. Teaching recruits how to block a punch. The proper stance and all that. Another guy who rose to the bottom.” “You mean like me.” “I didn’t say that.” “You could work another twenty and

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