Terry Pratchett

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0061433039

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a giant wave destroys his village, Mau is the only one left. Daphne—a traveler from the other side of the globe—is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. Separated by language and customs, the two are united by catastrophe. Slowly, they are joined by other refugees. And as they struggle to protect the small band, Mau and Daphne defy ancestral spirits, challenge death himself, and uncover a long-hidden secret that literally turns the world upside down.











to be careful, though, because you often got a tree-climbing octopus or two in there, after baby birds and anything else they could find, and they were hard to pull off if they landed on your head. Mau knew that you must never let them think you are a coconut. You learned that fast, because they had sharp beaks.* Now he came around the huge broken rocks that stood at the entrance to the valley and stopped. Something much bigger than a bird plop or a pig had hit the forest. It couldn’t have been

long enough. Needless to say, don’t try this at home. Thinking This book contains some. Whether you try it at home is up to you. Terry Pratchett About the Author TERRY PRATCHETT’S books have sold more than 55 million copies worldwide (give or take a few million). In addition to his hit novels about the fantastical flat planet Discworld, he has written award-winning children’s books, including the Johnny Maxwell trilogy and the bestselling Tiffany Aching Adventures. Mr.

even the sunset wave. Have you learned the chants? No? No manhood feast? You were not given a man’s soul?” “None of those.” “And the thing with the knife where you—?” “Not that, either,” said Mau quickly. “All I have is this.” He held out his wrist. “The blue jade stone? They’re protection for only a day or so!” “I know.” “Then it could be that behind your eyes is a demon or a vengeful spirit.” Mau thought about this. He agreed with it. “I don’t know what’s behind my eyes,” he said. “All I

stone; he rocked backward and fell onto the skeleton on the other side of the stone, which fell over. And that was it, like a trick with dominoes. Crash, crash, crash… the floor was more level here, and the bones rolled faster. Why hadn’t she been expecting something like this? The Grandfathers had been stuck in this moldy cave forever. They wanted to get out! She ran after the men, before the dust rose. She’d heard that when you took a breath, you breathed in a tiny, tiny amount of everyone

still on it. Find food, find water, find shelter…these were the things you had to do in a strange place, and this was a strange place and he’d been born here. He could see that the village had gone. The wave had sliced it off the island. A few stumps marked the place where the longhouse had stood since…forever. The wave had torn up the reef. A wave like that would not have even noticed the village. He’d learned to look at coasts when he’d been voyaging with his father and his uncles. And now,

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