The Narrows (Harry Bosch)

The Narrows (Harry Bosch)

Michael Connelly

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0446699543

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she's dreaded for years, the one that tells her the Poet has surfaced. She has never forgotten the serial killer who wove lines of poetry in his hideous crimes--and apparently he has not forgotten her.
Former LAPD detective Harry Bosch gets a call, too--from the widow of an old friend. Her husband's death seems natural, but his ties to the hunt for the Poet make Bosch dig deep. Arriving at a derelict spot in the California desert where the feds are unearthing bodies, Bosch joins forces with Rachel. Now the two are at odds with the FBI...and squarely in the path of the Poet, who will lead them on a wicked ride out of the heat, through the narrows of evil, and into a darkness all his own...













knife up and ready. ‘Do what Harry said. Get us backup.’ She stepped onto the sill and jumped out into the rain. She quickly moved along the bougainvillea until she found an opening and pushed through to the river fence. She put Backus’s gun in her holster and climbed up and over, snagging her jacket sleeve on the top and tearing it. She dropped onto the gravel shoulder two feet from the edge. She looked over the side and saw the water was only three feet from the overflow. It was cascading

know yet. It’s old. It had been there a long time. We’re just starting with it. The excavation work is slow.’ ‘You said the first body. How many more are there?’ ‘As of when I left the scene last we were up to four. We think there’s more.’ ‘Cause of death?’ ‘Too early.’ Rachel was silent as she thought about this. The first questions that ran through her filters were why there and why now. ‘Rachel, I’m not calling just to tell you. The point is the Poet is back in play and we want you out

can go into the bar and wait. More agents are on the way. You’ll probably be able to get your interviews over with here and not have to go into Vegas.’ ‘Thank God,’ Mecca said. ‘I’ll wait here.’ ‘Me, too,’ said Tammy. Bosch let them out of the car. ‘Just wait here,’ Rachel called to them. ‘If you go back to your trailer or go anywhere else you won’t get far and it will just make them mad.’ They didn’t acknowledge this cautioning. Rachel watched them walk up the ramp and into the bar. Bosch

She and Bosch had worked it out. Bosch was beyond Alpert’s reach. If she was acting on Bosch’s alarm she could not be faulted either. Alpert could rant and rave but could do nothing more than that. ‘You know what the problem with your story is? It’s with your first word. We. You said we. There was no we. You were given an assignment of maintaining a cover on Bosch. Not joining him in the investigation. Not joining him in his car and driving up there. Not questioning witnesses together and

finding the lost pet or the lost child or teaching a bad man a lesson. I told her a quick story about No Name finding a lost cat named Cielo Azul. She liked it and asked me for another but I said it was late and I had to go. Then, out of the blue, she asked me if the Burger King and the Dairy Queen were married. I smiled and marveled at how her mind worked. I told her they were married and she asked me if they were happy. You can become unhinged and cut loose from the world. You can believe you

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