The Nanny Murders

The Nanny Murders

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0312330383

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Writing in the estimable tradition of Mary Higgins Clark, new mystery star Merry Jones rockets to the top of everyone's must-read list with her first exhilirating novel. The Nanny Murders is a mesmerizing page-turner about missing nannies who have disappeared, one by one, from a close-knit Philadelphia neighborhood.
Zoe Hayes, who works as an art therapist in an institute for seriously deranged patients, is the single mother of an adopted (and adorable) little girl named Molly. Zoe gets involved in the missing nannies case when Molly makes a grisly discovery while playing in the snow--she finds a piece of litter that turns out to be a human finger. One of Zoe's neighbors (but which one?) seems to be a serial killer. Zoe and a mysteriously scarred detective named Nick Stiles team up to catch the killer when suddenly Zoe becomes the prey...














“Great. We’ve got about ten minutes,” I called. unbuttoning my coat, I went to the window. Victor’s shades hung at an odd, twisted angle. Construction trucks blocked my view of Santa. Charlie, having gotten up off my front steps, hobbled back to his side of the street on crooked, unsteady legs. SEVEN THURSDAY NIGHT. MOLLY’S GYMNASTICS CLASS. MOST EVENINGS Molly and I stayed home, unwinding after busy days. usually, she’d work on art projects, each of which seemed to require thousands of beads,

everything fly from my hands as I backed away, tripping over an easel leg, arms flailing, falling flat on my back into the storage closet. Oh my God. Nick Stiles gawked in alarm. Panting, flustered, I tried to collect myself, rearranging my skirt so it would cover at least part of my thighs. “Jesus,” he said. “Are you all right?” My face got hot. My elbow felt broken. Not to mention my ego. “What were you doing, sneaking up on me like that?” “I didn’t sneak up on you.” Large hands grabbed

And quickly.” Susan did sound better. I smirked, imagining Tim healing her with his potency. Superstud wasn’t Tim’s image. Paunchy, flat-butted, and bald on the back of his head, Tim seemed like a big stuffed animal, more stuffed than animal. unexpectedly, Nick Stiles came to mind. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. “So bring Molly over. Meantime, I’ll ask my guys at the Roundhouse what’s up with Stiles.” The Roundhouse was police headquarters. “No, Susan. Don’t—really—” “I want to know his

“Thanks for reminding me.” “No problem. Tell you what, though. This guy’s pretty lame if he thinks he can buy in with just a pricey meal.” There was definitely something indignant in his voice. “Look—I gotta go.” “Me, too. But, Zoe, do me a favor—” “Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.” “Just think about the ring?” He tried to cover up. “Well, of course, be careful. That goes without saying.” “Bye, Michael.” “I’ll call you tomorrow—to make sure you’re okay.” I hung up before he could mention the

in strong arms that reached out, caught me, and carried me up the stairs. FIFTY I KNEW THAT I WAS IN A DREAM, BUT I COULDN’T PULL MYSELF out of it. I lacked the strength to open my eyes, let alone move a leg or an arm. So, reluctantly, I surrendered, letting the phone ring unanswered, allowing the dream to progress until I could muster the energy to lift my eyelids. First, I had to get the damned corpse off of me. I could hardly breathe for the dead weight of the body lying on my chest. I

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