The Murder of My Aunt

The Murder of My Aunt

Richard Hull

Language: English

Pages: 101


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the beautiful Welsh countryside, Edward Powell is keeping a detailed account of his attempts to do away with his aunt. Of course, the murder of his only living relative is a preposterous notion, but that is exactly what this rather affected young man intends to do. Looked at strictly from Edward's point of view there is some excuse for malice, but on the other hand his wealthy aunt has every reason to feel unfriendly toward him.
















heartily reciprocated, for So-so, of whom they are jealous because he is allowed in the house and they are not. It was the noise of their ill-bred attack which roused me from my reverie. It is curious how animals take after their owners. My aunt’s voice broke in. ‘Do stop dreaming and pick up your beastly pet, unless you want Athel to kill him. He’s a very good ratter. I can’t hold Thruthel back much longer either,’ and indeed the dog was straining to get at my poor So-so. With one quick motion

have a ready explanation. Not, to be fair, that she is really inquisitive or suspicious, and certainly not because she is interested in what I do. It is simply her only idea of small-talk. I was therefore in a position, in case she asked, to talk easily and naturally about La Joyeuse’s carburettor – a line of conversation which I knew would quickly bore her. Actually, of course, I was examining her Morris more than my own car. The steering gear will be an easy job. It is, as a matter of fact,

if mushrooms could be brought in, for both Spencer and my aunt dared to doubt my word as to the mushrooms I thought I saw in the meadow in front of Brynmawr just before poor So-so was so foully murdered. Corrosive poisons. These seem very unpleasant, even worse than I care to contemplate, and, moreover, apparently very easily detected, and even possibly curable. That won’t do. There must be no mistake this time; one of the remedies is so simple a thing as white of egg, and that could be got in

have the opportunity of forcibly feeding my aunt. However, that can go down amongst the possibles. Here, I think, is another. ‘Carbolic acid is commonly used as a disinfectant for domestic purposes. Allied preparations such as creosote, creosol, have a similar poisonous effect.’ (I could easily get hold of creosol, and then there’s Jeyes, I wonder if that’s got carbolic acid in it?) ‘Carbolic acid is one of the poisons most frequently used by suicides,’ goes on my valuable if unconscious

of course, I had to, since it was definitely part of the fun not to let him know too soon, not until he had exhausted his last little bit of energy on putting up the cherry-netting, that I knew all about his afternoon’s performance, had telephoned before and after to Herbertson and Hughes – two such nice reliable men – had even got the telephone girl to help me, and had actually seen him come back: in fact that I had stage-managed the whole marionette show while he was only a puppet, though a

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