The Great American Dividend Machine: How an Outsider Became the Undisputed Champ of Wall Street

The Great American Dividend Machine: How an Outsider Became the Undisputed Champ of Wall Street

Bill Spetrino

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1630060348

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bill Spetrino was just an ordinary accountant more than 20 years ago when he discovered the best investment secret ever.

Bill calls his secret “the dividend machine” -- and he has been sharing his secrets with hundreds of thousands of investors who have subscribed to his popular Dividend Machine newsletter, rated by Hulbert Digest as the #1 low risk investment letter.

But many readers asked Bill to write a book about his secret and how ordinary investors can become millionaires just like him.

Bill did just that.

Now his new The Great American Dividend Machine reveals his own story, and how he went from becoming a middle-class accountant to having a net worth exceeding more than $5 million!

Traders who jump from stock to stock in the hunt for a major Wall Street score often lose money or, at best, break even.

That's not an acceptable fate for the retirement nest egg or for Bill.

Instead, true investors trust Bill Spetrino's proven advice: "Keep investments boring and the rest of life fun and exciting."

By valuing safety and income above all else, Spetrino guides the reader through the process of unearthing true bargains in the marketplace.

Adhering to the author's model, The Great American Dividend Machine portfolio is composed of stocks that he picks using his unique system.

The companies that pass Spetrino's rigorous, multi-step vetting process must have a number of key characteristics, such as:

  • Resonant brand names
  • Strong, competitive advantages in their industries
  • Pristine balance sheets
  • Capital to help survive and thrive in difficult markets

Bill believes anyone can become a millionaire by ignoring the Wall Street pros and using his time-tested strategies.






















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you don’t recoup the cost of the subscription by using the strategies I teach you, you will get a full refund. A Few More Details Raising Start-Up Capital You should have at least $2,000 to begin building your dividend machine. Hopefully, you have this money, but if you don’t, and you’ve already distilled your budged down to the bare minimum and applied my money-saving tips offered in appendix I, I urge you to borrow it. Ask your parents, grandparents, friends . . . whomever. Say that you’ll

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