The Emperor's Pearl: A Judge Dee Mystery (Judge Dee Mystery Series)

The Emperor's Pearl: A Judge Dee Mystery (Judge Dee Mystery Series)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0226848728

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It all begins on the night of the Poo-yang dragonboat races in 699 A.D.: a drummer in the leading boat collapses, and the body of a beautiful young woman turns up in a deserted country mansion.  There, Judge Dee—tribunal magistrate, inquisitor, and public avenger—steps in to investigate the murders and return order to the Tang Dynasty.
In The Emperor’s Pearl, the judge discovers that these two deaths are connected by an ancient tragedy involving a near-legendary treasure stolen from the Imperial Harem one hundred years earlier. The terrifying figure of the White Lady, a river goddess enshrined on a bloodstained altar, looms in the background of the investigation. Clues are few and elusive, but under the expert hand of Robert van Gulik, this mythic jigsaw puzzle assembles itself into a taut mystery.
“If you have not yet discovered Judge Dee and his faithful Sgt. Hoong, I envy you that initial pleasure which comes from the discovery of a great detective story. For the magistrate of Poo-yang belongs in that select group of fictional detectives headed by the renowned Sherlock Holmes.”—Robert Kirsch, Los Angeles Times
“The title of this book and the book itself have much in common. Each is a jewel, a rare and precious find.”—Atlanta Times



















suitably entertained with food and wine in the restaurant of Marble Bridge Village. Now they are raring to go!' 'Your boat is the favourite, Dr Pien!' Kou Yuan-liang remarked wryly. ' Mine hasn't got a chance, it's too heavy!' 'But it'll provide the historical background, Mr Kou,' the judge told him. 'I heard that your boat is an exact replica of the dragonboats used by our ancestors.' A pleased smile crossed Kou's handsome, vivacious face. He said : ' I take part in the races mainly to see to

passed through and entered the court hall. As he ascended the dais and seated himself behind the high bench, the hum of voices in the packed hall died out. Sergeant Hoong, who had stood himself in his customary place on Judge Dee's right hand, bent over to him and whispered: 'The citizens of Poo-yang are eager to hear more details about the murders, sir!' Nodding Judge Dee surveyed the hall. The headman and six of his constables stood in their appointed place, below the dais and facing the

the dragonboats would appear on their final lap to the finish. Judge Dee and his wives went up to the railing again. The tense atmosphere of eager expectation was beginning to get hold of them too. Two sampans detached themselves from the mass of moored craft. They were rowed to the centre of the Canal, opposite the grandstand. The occupants anchored them there and unfurled large red flags. They were the referees. Suddenly the sound of drums was heard far off. The still-invisible boats were now

When I think of the severe winters up north . . .' There was a further exchange of polite remarks while the steward and Hoong served tea. The judge took a sip and said with a broad smile: 'This tea is truly excellent, Mr Kou! As one would expect in the house of a man of such elegant taste!' Seeing Judge Dee's high good humour the others had visibly brightened up. Dr Pien wiped the moisture from his forehead and asked: 'Is there any news about the rascal who assaulted me, Your Honour?' 'Not

heavy in his sleeve. I took it out and saw that it was a package containing ten gold bars ! Sia let himself roll down from the couch, he wanted to rush out of the room. But I grabbed him by his neck and put my hands round his throat. The scoundrel then confessed that he had known that Amber would be bringing that gold to the rendezvous, Sia had planned to steal it and keep it for himself. I asked Sia why she had brought all that money, and the credulous fool replied that he had heard from Tong

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