The Assassination Bureau, Ltd

The Assassination Bureau, Ltd

Jack London & Robert L. Fish

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violent cousins couldn’t. “You see, the assassinations have been of all sorts. Had they been political alone, or social, they might have been due to some hopelessly secret society. But they were commercial and society as well. Therefore, I concluded, the world must in some way have access to this organization. But how? I assumed the hypothesis that there was some man I wanted killed. And there I stuck. I did not have the address of the firm that would perform that task for me. Here was the flaw

and more—” “If you will only break up the organization—” But Dragomiloff silenced him. “The discussion is ended. This is now my affair. The organization will be broken up in any event, but I warn you, according to our rules of long standing, I may escape. As you will recollect, I promised you, at the time the bargain was made, that if, at the end of a year, the commission had not been fulfilled, the fee would be returned to you plus five percent. If I escape I shall hand it to you myself.”

more fiercely at the intimation. “This case has received my sanction,” Dragomiloff continued. “It is right, essentially right. The man must die. The Bureau has received fifty thousand dollars for his death. According to our custom, one-third of this sum will go to you. But so difficult am I afraid it will prove, that I have decided your share shall be one-half. Here are five thousand for expenses—” “The amount is unusual,” Haas broke in, licking his lips as if they were parched by the flame of

of approbation. “We dare not, as true thinkers and right-livers, by thought, much less by deed, negate the high principles we expound,” said Harkins. “Nor can we otherwise climb upwards towards the light,” Hanover added. “We are not madmen,” Alsworthy cried. “We are men who see clearly. We are high priests at the altar of right conduct. As well call our good friend, Winter Hall, a madman. If truth be mad, and we are touched by it, is not Winter Hall likewise touched? He has called us ethical

ship sailing at four this afternoon—the Oriental Star—from Dearborn Slip. It is the fastest ship on the Pacific run. It should easily dock in Hawaii a day in advance of the Eastern Clipper’s arrival. I suggest that we be waiting for Dragomiloff when he arrives in Honolulu. And that we be more careful than our predecessors when we meet him.” “It is an excellent idea,” Hanover agreed enthusiastically. “He will feel himself safe.” “The Chief never feels himself safe,” Starkington commented. “It is

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