Ten Days in the Hills

Ten Days in the Hills

Jane Smiley

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 1400033209

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the aftermath of the 2003 Academy Awards, Max and Elena- he's an Oscar-winning writer/director-open their Holywood Hills home to a group of friends and neighbors, industy insiders and hangers-on, eager to escape the outside world and dissect the latest news, gossip, and secrets of the business. Over the next ten days, old lovers collide, new relationships form, and sparks fly, all with Smiley's signature sparkling wit and characterization.

With its breathtaking passion and sexy irreverence, Ten Days in the Hills is a glowing addition to the work of one of our most beloved novelists.





















from her, she would grab them out of my hand and light up.” “Are you finished?” said Delphine. “I was just pointing out that it could be a lot worse for Isabel. Did you ever see that movie Hanging Up? About Nora Ephron’s dad—what was his name?—oh, Henry. He was a charming man from the outside, but he drove those girls crazy, according to the movie. They had Walter Matthau play him. Very dependent, couldn’t find a woman of his own age to take care of him, drove the wife away, at least in the

But of course she couldn’t. Within moments, she had thrown back the covers and stood up. Within moments after that, she had crossed to the door, turned the embossed handle, and opened it. The corridor outside was dim, but no dimmer, probably, than the Amber Room. She put her head out and looked right, toward the staircase, for Stoney, then left. She didn’t see him. It was only then that she noticed Simon, who was looking at her, or at least his head was turned toward her. He was standing across

named Josh Lane escaping the Russian Revolution and ending up in Japan, but was really about Max’s great-grandmother and his grandfather, Max got Zoe a part in a comedy about college students in San Francisco, and she was so sexy and gorgeous, even before she sang, that for her next movie she had to hide the fact that she was pregnant with Isabel through almost the whole shooting. After Isabel was born, Zoe made one movie after another, with no one realizing that the woman on the set taking care

Love.’ We not only have the recording, but we heard you singing in your room, once when you had the window open, while you were visiting. We decided this morning that you deserve this more than the tax authorities (or whoever) do.” Then there was an explanatory P.S. “We didn’t say anything to anyone while you were here, but we believe that Mike and the others have died. Adana believes this. The airplane has disappeared and state officials have already been to her house in Saint Petersburg. She

priests and reassigned your wives to the sun god. They purged you from the records, which wasn’t easy, since the records were carved in stone.” “Did I die?” “I gather that you must have, because you were reincarnated shortly thereafter as a large predatory bird of some kind.” “Did the weather improve?” “I don’t think so. That civilization died out fairly suddenly.” “Well, they were killing each other right and left, it sounds like.” “Usually there is a combination of ecological and

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