Stranger in Paradise (Jesse Stone)

Stranger in Paradise (Jesse Stone)

Robert B. Parker

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 042522628X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An Apache hit man arrives in Paradise to find a missing girl and snuff out her mother. But his conscience is getting the best of him. If he doesn’t make the hit, he’ll pay for it. So might Jesse Stone, who’s been enlisted to protect them all.











Arthur said. “Figure he’ll show up there pretty soon.” “Got a notice out on his car?” Jesse said. “Car’s at the house,” Arthur said. “Maybe he’s got another one,” Jesse said. “Another one?” “Leave the car at home,” Jesse said. “Take a cab, rent another car. Cops don’t have your number.” “If he can spend that kind of dough,” Angstrom said. Arthur was defensive by nature. “Arthur,” Molly said. “This guy left here ten years ago with about twenty million dollars in cash.” “He’s got that kind

take her.” “Yourself?” “Can’t have her living here,” Jesse said. “You can’t bring a fourteen-year-old girl home to live with you, Jesse, alone.” Jesse shrugged. “I mean, what if she claims you molested her?” Molly said. “I’ll claim I didn’t,” Jesse said. “But even if you can prove you didn’t, that kind of thing will cling to you for life,” Molly said. “It’s not like this is a good kid. You can’t tell what she’ll do.” “I know.” “So, what about that female private detective you were

of these disadvantaged children, it would pass on to his only heir, his daughter, Miriam Crowne…who is married to a man named Alex Fiedler.” “Aha,” Jesse said. “Miriam Fiedler.” “So maybe her motives aren’t so pure,” Jenn said. “The motives she admitted to aren’t so pure,” Jesse said. “Know anything about Mr. Fiedler?” “He apparently travels much of the time,” Jenn said. “Works out good for Suit,” Jesse said. “What works out for Suit,” Amber said from the living room. “What are you all

would mind if I rode the bus with them?” “You?” “Me and one of my officers,” Jesse said. “Molly Crane. I’d wear my uniform and polish up my badge.” “You do think there might be trouble.” “Not really,” Jesse said. “But there could be a picket or two. I’m thinking about the kids mostly.” “Reassured by your presence?” “Yes. And Molly’s.” “Mostly, they are afraid of policemen,” Nina Pinero said. “Maybe Molly and I can help them get past that,” Jesse said. Nina Pinero nodded thoughtfully.

it wanted to yell and was being restrained. “Mitsubishi 517,” the voice said. “Fifty-five-inch screen.” “So she didn’t carry it away,” Crow said. “Not her,” the voice said. “Maybe they’ll tell me where they sent it,” Crow said. “Maybe,” the voice said. The connection broke. Crow folded up his cell phone and put it away. He stood for a moment looking across the parking space toward the harbor. “When I find her,” he said aloud, “then what?” 13. The small bus was yellow, with

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