Special Education in Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Exceptionality

Special Education in Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Exceptionality

Richard M. Gargiulo

Language: English

Pages: 728

ISBN: 1412988934

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Providing teachers with a firsthand look into the lives of children with exceptionalities, as well as their families and educators, this fully updated Fourth Edition of Richard Gargiulo’s acclaimed text provides a highly readable, research-based introduction to the field. Blending theory with practice, the book helps pre-service and in-service teachers develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs they’ll need to construct learning environments that make it possible for all students to reach their potential.



















you felt when a group of adults with intellectual disabilities sat by you in a restaurant. Often our images of individuals with intellectual disabilities are based on stereotypes resulting from limited contact and exposure. Consequently, many of us are susceptible to inaccuracies, misconceptions, and erroneous beliefs about this population. As a result, people with intellectual disabilities frequently encounter prejudice, ignorance, and, in some instances, outright discrimination simply because

in many high-protein foods such as milk. As a result of this deficiency, phenylalanine accumulates in the bloodstream and becomes toxic. This metabolic malfunction, if not promptly treated, leads to brain damage and mental retardation, which is often severe. Elevated levels of phenylalanine can be detected in the blood and urine of newborns within the first few days of life. All states now routinely screen for this disorder, although â•… 159 Down syndrome most often results in mild to moderate

known as the child study committee, special services team, or other such name. The composition of this group of professionals varies but typically includes an administrator, a school psychologist, and experienced teachers. Other personnel may also be involved, depending on the nature of the referral. It is the job of this committee to review the available information and decide whether further assessment is warranted. If the team decides to proceed, a written request for permission to evaluate is

even greater diversity than we find today. Teachers will most likely encounter families whose beliefs and practices vary significantly in important ways from those of mainstream American families. The challenge confronting educators and other professionals is how best to meet the needs of this changing and expanding population of learners. Cultural Diversity in the Teaching Profession As the number of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds continues to grow, the

experienced by siblings of individuals with special needs. Siblings typically exhibit a myriad of feelings toward a brother or sister with special needs. The accompanying First Person feature vividly captures some of these emotions. Table 4.3 gives examples of some of the reactions and feelings sustained by brothers and sisters of children with disabilities. FOR INSTRUCTOR REVIEW ONLY. NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION, SALE, OR REPRINTING. Copyright © 2012 by Sage Publications, Inc. Chapter 4.╇ Parents,

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