Special 26

Special 26

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 935029964X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A non-stop thriller, the novel pits a crack CBI team led by ace investigator Waseem Khan against India's brainiest conman, Ajay, whose gang is responsible for a series of outrageous robberies across India. Khan knows it isn't going to be easy getting to Ajay - once a passionate aspirant to a poke job and now vicious in his hatred of the force - but he knows he must stop the gang before they can cause any further damage.
As Than prepares his final master plan, the plot moves to a well-known jewellery store at the Opera House in south Mumbai. And the action is about to expiode...


















fully recovered from the shock of half a minute ago. The impudence of the boy! ‘Do you know what you’re talking about, boy? Just because you found me running this business, you think you can—’ ‘Oh, I’ve done a lot more than that, Sharmaji,’ said Ajay, settling into his chair with a cocksure smile. ‘Why don’t you check that bag?’ ‘What?’ ‘Check the bag you stole from me, Sharmaji.’ Suddenly, Sharmaji wasn’t sure any more. With mounting dread, he unzipped the bag. What he saw nearly made his

shops were doing brisk business. The foursome stopped for breakfast at an expensive restaurant and then some jalebis at a roadside stall. The jalebis made Sharmaji nostalgic. ‘You know, boys,’ he said, munching away on one, eyes half-closed in satisfaction, ‘your Mrs Sharma and I used to do this exact same thing. After college, we would spend hours just roaming the streets, chatting and laughing.’ He paused to slurp the jalebi juice off his wrist, and resumed, ‘She would always want something. I

corner of my eye, I saw Rahul approach, having seen some purposeful movement from me. Good man. The fellow made a blind turn. Shit! I sped to the turning and looked around. The man had disappeared. Damn, damn, damn! Rahul arrived behind me, but before I could say anything, my walkie-talkie crackled. It was Ranveer. ‘Sir, I’ve got him. The man you were chasing. The man with the tea. He just got into a train.’ ‘Which one?’ I barked. ‘I think it’s the Paschim Express.’ I turned to Rahul. ‘Get

the crowd, sobbing uncontrollably. Gupta fell to the ground, howling in pain. He had lost his hold on the gun, and it had clattered away and come to rest a few feet from him. The men around me moved swiftly to accost Gupta. One of them picked up the gun and came to me. It was Rahul. He spoke almost reverentially, ‘Sir, are you all right?’ ‘Of course! I’m fine,’ I said. I got back to my feet and started barking out orders. ‘Take Gupta into custody, and someone try and calm down that girl. I

executing a well-laid plan. He stuck out a foot, and very carefully dislodged a tile, not enough to make a loud noise that would alert anybody else, but enough to catch the man’s attention. The tile grated against another, and there was a sharp intake of breath. The man was now looking directly at him. His hand moved, and there was a flash of steel. A knife appeared in his hand. All right, thought Ajay. Come on. You and me, over these roofs. Come on, catch me if you can. Moving slowly, the man

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