Snow White

Snow White

Donald Barthelme

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0684824795

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An inventive, satiric modern retelling of the classic fairy tale provides an incisive and biting commentary on the absurdities and complexities of modern life. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.











which we looked at Snow White and understood for the first time that we were fond of her. That was a moment. Reaction to the hair: Two older men standing there observed Snow White’s hair black as ebony tumbling from the window. “Seems like some hair comin’ outa that winda there,” one said. “Yes it looks like hair to me,” his companion replied. “Seems like there oughta be somethin’ to be done about it.” “Yes, seems like it oughta be punished with a kiss or something.” “Well we’re too old for all

phenomenon, the everted sphere of the future, and that’s why we pay particular attention, too, to those aspects of language that may be seen as a model of the trash phenomenon. And it’s certainly been a pleasure showing you around the plant this afternoon, and meeting you, and talking to you about these things, which are really more important, I believe, than people tend to think. Would you like a cold Coke from the Coke machine now, before you go?” Additional reactions to the hair: “To be a

just a joke. The wine was really made of grapes, like every wine. But these were grapes to which the sun had not been kind, he said. They had shriveled for lack of the sun’s love. That was why the wine was like that. Then he talked about lovers and husbands. He said the lover eats his meat with his eyes not on the meat but on the eyes of the beloved. The husband watches the meat. The husband knows that the meat will fly away if not watched. The winemaker thought this was really a funny story. He

hair which had been dangling down. “No one has come to climb up. That says it all. This time is the wrong time for me. I am in the wrong time. There is something wrong with all those people standing there, gaping and gawking. And with all those who did not come and at least try to climb up. To fill the role. And with the very world itself, for not being able to supply a prince. For not being able to at least be civilized enough to supply the correct ending to the story.” PART THREE SNOW

think about Hogo without trembling. “He knows when I tremble. That is what he likes best.” Hogo drove Jane down Meat Street in his cobra-green Pontiac convertible. Nobody likes Hogo, because he is loathsome. He always has a white dog sitting upright in the front seat of the car, when Jane is not sitting there. Jane likes to swing from the lianas that dangle from the Meat Street trees, so sometimes she is not sitting there and the dog is sitting there instead. “For God’s sake can’t you stay put?”

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