Six Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You

Six Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You

Chandan Deshmukh

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 9384030163

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“That work of art. The SMART STUDENT. Descended from heaven and a clear notch above the average student and the dullard.”
If this is your opinion about ‘smart’ students, this book will force you to think again. In simple, straightforward terms, Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You proves the truth of the saying, ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.’
If you are a school or a college student looking to do well in the next exam or make a mark in school or college, this book is for you.
If you are a concerned parent looking to help your struggling child, this book is for you.
Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You is a book loaded with practical advice and homespun wisdom. Becoming ‘smart’ is just a few pages away!

















Lamp Post. Number 2: Visualise that you are pressing the Remote buttons with your knee joints! Number 3: Dream that a cow is driving the auto rickshaw, and is beating the traffic easily. Number 4: A car is being driven on water! Number 5: Five star chocolate is made of iron and you are trying to eat it! Number 6: You are hitting apples for sixes instead of the ball. Number 7: Imagine that you are shaving the leather piece using the 7’O clock shaving blade! Number 8:

to join a tutorial to bridge a minute gap. • As explained earlier, you can save both money and time. Discard the standard flow-chart to live! *** “Ok, show me your bank balance, Mr. Millionaire,” I mocked Sridhar. “Haha, I didn’t save, but have invested in lots of good books, and bought myself a decent computer. I am happy with that,” he replied, with his head held high. Few mature at a young age like him, which makes creatures like me feel so inferior! “So what should I

conquered even a single country and yet, Indian inventions and concepts are found in every corner of the world. Is there any other country with such diversity and tolerance in its political leadership? Our map structure changed. Naming conventions changed ‒ Mountain Sagar Matha was renamed Mt. Everest, Kalighat became Kolkata, Durjayalinga became Darjeeling, Kodagu became Coorg, Madikeri became Markera, Bhagyanagar turned Hyderabad, and so on. Even our relatives ‒ chacha-chachis,

search for answers on the topic • wRite(2nd R) your own notes, • Recite (3rd R) what you have written, • Revise (4th R) the material frequently. ► Take Responsibility: Understand that YOU and only YOU are answerable and responsible for your deeds. Stop blaming your parents. ► Define your own principles and stand by them. Never allow your friends to manipulate or dictate terms. Though they might laugh at you, you must assertively say, “No” to your friends if required.

technique Rule 1: Sparkle shine George, a 2nd year B.Com student studies in a place full of old underwear, antique dust, ink blotches on the floor resembling an ancient map, sharpener dust of the last 6 months, gum smeared on the desk, a glass of cold milk with a mosquito swimming calmly on it, scratched DVDs all over the place, passport size photos of deities scattered, a fan full of spider webs; Boroplus, Burnol, Crocin; pieces of roti fallen all over. What a serene, sterilised

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