Simple's Uncle Sam

Simple's Uncle Sam

Langston Hughes

Language: English

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doing little or nothing about it. What club do you belong to, Jesse B. Semple, that is trying to remedy the disgraceful conditions of adult delinquency here in Harlem? I am not talking about children, but grown delinquent men.’ “I said, ‘Baby, do not look at me in that tone of voice. You know I carries myself right, drunk or sober.’ “To which Joyce says, ‘To act right yourself is not enough. You must also help others to act right. We are all our brother’s keeper—and cousin’s, too.’ “I knowed

in spite of all the noise going on plus Ray Charles on the juke box. ‘What did you say?’ says Minnie. “‘If you can’t hear my voice,’ says Rombow, ‘you can sure feel my hand.’ Whiz! He thought he were fast, but Minnie was faster. When Rombow went to slap her, Minnie squatted. The blow went over her head. When Minnie come up, the nearest beer bottle were in her hand. With this Minnie christened, crowned, and conked Rombow all at once. “Minnie said, ‘If you want to be a king, Rom, I will crown

a lady, Minnie often has to fight. It is not always easy for a colored lady to keep her ladyhood.” “You are bringing up race again,” I said. “But this time I think you put your finger on the crux of the argument.” “The crust of the argument is that Minnie believes in peace so much she will fight for it,” said Simple. “When Minnie wants the right to be let alone, she means to be let alone. Yet she will lead a man on, let him spend his whole wages on Scotch, beer, or wine—it depending on how much

but if you are a colored swinger, you have to have a stout heart, pump hard, and hold tight to get even a few feet above the ground. And be careful that your neighbor next door, white, has not cut your rope, so that just when you are swinging highest, it will break and throw you to the ground. ‘Look at that Negro swinging! But he done fell!’ they say. But someday we gonna swing right up to the very top of the tree and not fall. Yes, someday we will.” “Integrated, I hope,” I said. “Yes,

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