Second To Cry (The Avalon series, Book 2)

Second To Cry (The Avalon series, Book 2)

Carys Jones

Language: English

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Sometimes, behind the simplest cases…

Lawyer Aiden Connolly’s new case seems to be a run-of-the-mill paternity dispute. Millionaire Sam Fern suspects that his son is not his own flesh and blood, and he wants a paternity test to prove it. Fern’s wife Deena, a glamorous former model, is desperate to convince Aiden of her innocence…and she will go to any lengths to prove it.

…hide the darkest truths.

Meanwhile, Aiden is haunted by the memory of another beauty – Brandy White, who he worked to free from a murder charge. The woman he unwittingly fell in love with…and the woman who will once again draw him into a tangle of love and lies. With more than his reputation on the line, can Aiden hold his nerve – when nothing else seems certain?

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people will come round. Tell her to hang in there.’ ‘That’s what I’ve said.’ ‘All good things take time,’ Edmond smiled and followed his comment with a cheeky wink. ‘You’re right.’ ‘Can I get you a beer?’ ‘Sure, thanks.’ Aiden sat with his beer, watching the party unfold around him. The sun had returned following the previous storm and he basked in its warmth, enjoying how it felt on the back of his neck. He tried to focus on the party, scouring the legion of children running round

piano,’ Aiden said, frowning. He didn’t like the thought that Brandy was developing into a person he did not completely know. ‘Ever since I was young. My mother said it was a foolish notion as only the rich get to play the piano. But now I’m a working girl I can spend my money how I like and so every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I’m having lessons!’ ‘Good for you.’ ‘By working girl, I mean, I got a job, not that I’m—’ Brandy fumbled her words, suddenly flummoxed. ‘People here, they often

‘I was hired to uncover the truth about Davis’ paternity,’ Aiden said resolutely. ‘Go ahead then,’ Deena spat angrily at him. ‘Have my son take the test and ruin his life! Have that upon your shoulders!’ ‘I’m just…trying to do the right thing,’ Aiden admitted helplessly. ‘Doing the right thing would be to keep my secret! So…will you keep it?’ Deena pressed again. Chapter Ten A Secret Shared Aiden could already see the headlines if the news of Davis’ paternal father leaked out. The murder

uncomfortable conversations of his entire adult life. His plan was to be quick and swift; deliver the news to Isla, trying to be as amicable as possible. Being a lawyer, he knew first-hand just how messy divorce proceedings could get and he wanted to spare both Isla and himself any unnecessary stress. The biggest issue would be Meegan’s custody. The thought of not seeing his daughter every day broke his heart. He hadn’t considered how it would feel to only be a weekend father, to not be there

the waiting room. There was a coffee table littered with magazines, ranging from Horse and Hound to Vogue, all clearly out of date. The hardwood flooring was surprisingly tasteful and the walls were painted a calming pale shade of green. Aiden guessed that the room had recently been decorated, leaving the ancient-seeming furniture, including the leather couches, one of which he was rapidly sinking into. He hoisted himself up using the arm into a less comfortable-looking position. ‘Oh, Mr. Cope.’

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