Red London

Red London

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1873176120

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fellatio Jones and his crew shoot, fuck, stab, bludgeon, and plunder their way from the mean streets of Mile End, to aristocratic Belgravia. The Skinhead Squad are a new breed of malcontent. Their brand of mayhem has an ideological twist and the gang targets its violence with deadly effect. As class anger explodes from the rotting heart of inner city London, corpse is piled upon corpse, and the streets run red with blood. Red London is an authoritative novel of sex, violence, and pathological sadism that wells over into total mania as the plot races towards its cataclysmic conclusion. Read this book and discover why the wealthy want it banned.

















their sexual activity suited the two sociopaths. It cemented the detachment of one from the other and thus left them free to enjoy the essentially hostile nature of their relationship. Once he'd stripped, Nuttal took a copy of Hartmann The Anarchist by E. Douglas Fawcett from a bookcase. He'd read a passage from the tome every time Swinbourne swallowed his dick. If he got engrossed in the story, he could cum in Monica's mouth without even getting it up. Whenever this happened, the bitch got the

play music as they made love. Brother Colin had lifted a grand from the Octagon funds and then headed for Soho. He'd been searching the crowds for the best part of two hours in the hope of rooting out the Hookers centrefold. He spotted Melody at the bottom end of Shaftesbury Avenue, and was nearly knocked down by a taxi as he ran across the street to accost her. 'I've got a thousand,' BC hissed, 'is that enough?' 'Sure,' Thrush replied. Melody decided that this would be her last trick of the

brickheads hadn't counted on, was the Soho Prostitutes Collective storming the building in a confidence boosting mission prior to the big brawl against the forces of reaction that was scheduled to take place on their home turf in less than a week. The minders jumped to attention when a van skidded to a halt outside the hall. Twelve masked wimmin leapt from the transit, while the driver remained at the wheel. The heavies relaxed. Obviously these birds were a part of some practical joke, one of

monks. The Buddha had demonstrated a profound understanding of human psychology when he'd decided to base his teachings on the transience of life. There was nothing like death to get the mind focussed on spiritual matters! 'Let the dead bury the dead,' Tom muttered to himself, 'we will blaze a trail to a new way of life.' FELLATIO JONES ENTERED SOHO SQUARE and drank in the squalor that surrounded him. The place was seething with hundreds of dirty squatters, the likes of whom were normally to

me to do a shoot for the porno magazine he's launching and we got talking about politics. I was thrilled when I discovered he was a nihilist. I've been itching to get my hands on a copy of Callan's book. Fellatio said he'd let me read his xerox if I came out for a drink with him first, so here we are!' 'I bet you were surprised when you discovered Hookers Magazine is part of the nihilist revolutionary strategy,' Adolf hissed into Melody's ear. The pub was filling rapidly as scores of anarchists,

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