Red Hook: An Artie Cohen Mystery (Artie Cohen Mysteries)

Red Hook: An Artie Cohen Mystery (Artie Cohen Mysteries)

Reggie Nadelson

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0802715346

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Several months have passed since the tragedy enacted in Disturbed Earth. Artie Cohen has just married Maxine and is about to take time out of the city with her when two events pull him back: the apparent murder of a friend, and the appearance of his former girlfriend, Lily, their break-up never fully resolved. Through her great skills as a storyteller and creator of memorable characters, Reggie Nadelson weaves a thrilling tale of deception, while bringing to ever-greater life her protagonist, Artie Cohen―deeply flawed and deeply human.

















People stood in a row at the edge of the water, muttering to each other, staring in the same direction like people on the street looking at fancy TV sets in a store window. A pair of detectives were there along with a guy in uniform, a diver, his wetsuit glistening and black, and a department photographer. A bearded man in overalls and work boots with a dog on a leash stood a little apart from the others, probably just a passerby out walking his mutt. I looked at the corpse again. I had been on

Tolya, screaming in English and Russian, hanging on to him, trying to claw at his head and his eyes. She was small, about five-one and she wore a sleeveless cotton blouse and blue shorts and red sneakers, and she hung on him like a cat. She had seemed to come out of nowhere, appearing as we left the bar, running at him, trying to gouge his eyes out. Like a huge animal disturbed, Tolya shook himself but the woman had her fingers in his eyes. I grabbed at her. He was talking Russian to her softly,

said. “Terrific. What’s the matter? You look like you saw a ghost. Good pie, right?” Mike invested heavily in the fact that he served the best pie of any coffee shop in New York. He watched while I dug into it. It was good, sweet and tart and wet, the meringue sugary and firm. Even in my lousy mood I couldn’t resist and while Mike watched me, I ate the hefty slab of pie, drank two cups of black coffee and, since there was no one else in the place, leaned on the counter and held up a pack of

bulb. “Hi, babe, I’m sorry. I had to talk to that guy,” said Jack, who kissed her and then sat in her chair, pulling her on to his lap, playing with her hair and neck. He whispered something to Val and she got up and moved over to sit next to one of her girlfriends. He waved at a waiter he obviously knew—everyone knew Jack—and asked for bourbon. He didn’t ask for a brand. I liked that. From where I sat I could still just see Tolya on the street. I was restless. I was shaken by Val; for a

he said and took a cigar out of his case and lit one, and stood in the dark smoking furiously. He peered at me. “What?” “You went after Jack and Val last night, right?” I said. “I saw you drive off. I was worried. You looked terrible. You didn’t get to them?” “What could I do?” he said. “I didn’t feel so good. Listen, I crashed my car. I lost them.” “You didn’t call me? Where’s Val?” “What?” “Jack knew all about you before he started dating Valentina, he knew about me. I’m talking years ago,

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