Re-search: Pranks 2

Re-search: Pranks 2

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: 1889307084

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Despite the best efforts of intellectuals from Marshall McLuhan to Noam Chomsky, all their thinking and opining has done little to shake the masses out of hopeless complacency. Pranks offer a much more direct and stimulating approach. This inspiring all new volume collects some of the finest, most outlandish actions recently undertaken in the war against mass media. A worthy successor to their first investigation into the art of prankery, Re/Search Publication’s Pranks 2 focuses on provocations from the Suicide Club, Cacophony Society, the Billboard Liberation Front, and other secret collectives dedicated to upending the status quo. The book’s many illustrations include photographs of the artists in action, flyers and letters used in the pranking process, and the often unintentionally hilarious news articles and editorial responses to the happenings. Interviews profile Ron English, Joey Skaggs, Jeffrey Vallance, monochrom, Bruce Conner, John Waters, Jello Biafra, and other noted pranksters.





















bear hug. He's shouting, "Why did you pie So he went on a national book tour and was Mr. Colson? Why did you pie Mr. Colson?" Then scheduled to be at the Fairmont Hotel at 8 AM on a Sunday for a prayer breakfast for the Young Colson walks out of the elevator, wiping pie out of his eyes like Curly Howard of the Three Presidents Society, a group of young corporation presidents who were under the age of forty, heading corporations which grossed more than $10 Stooges, and Jerome goes, "I pied

analyzed and it mutated on so many different levels-magazine articles, books and studies came out analyzing the "Santa" phenomenon: how it had been promoted and almost created by Coca-Cola. Santa Claus was based on a woodland Scandinavian/Germanic/Russian myth from hundreds of years ago. Commercialism mutated those Kris Kringle/Santa Claus icons into more of a commercial icon, starting in the 1880s and 1890s. However, when we did our Santa pranks, we had no preconceived notion or intellectual

photo at a Board of Supervisors meeting and said, "If you are a young couple with a condo and a mortgage, how would you like to look out your window and see this?" It showed a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. Of course, no one held up an 8x!O" glossy photo of a pair of Yuppies and said, "[f you are miserable and sleeping outside in the cold, how would you like to look over from your park bench and see these assholes going into their condo?" We turned Anne-Marie Conroy into

important subject to study is the history ofrevolt and resistance. • V: There should be classes on that in every university. • FD: And in every home! I just read about General Cook going after 200 Apaches with an army of 1,200 soldiers. He came back with half his army missing, and didn't succeed in catching these 200 people. So you start looking at the tactics of what worked and what didn't work. Thomas]efferson's idea was that there should be a revolution every twenty years. It's funny, because

throughout Europe. But you'll notice that in the United States, the networks and the cable news networks are not show~ng these, and neither are the newspapers printmg them. They've made a conscious decision. • V: You can find them on the Internet• PK: Of course, but you have to take the initiative and search for them. I've seen them on the Internet, and that's the thing about the Internet: everybody is a reporter, commentator, or artist, and the hype won't get you to a site as much as word of

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