Psychology, 8th Edition

Psychology, 8th Edition

Language: English

Pages: 715

ISBN: 0393932508

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The most intelligent book ever written for the course, reinvented for today's students.

The Eighth Edition has been reorganized and streamlined to mirror the organization of today's courses, updated to include extensive coverage of the latest discoveries and research, and reimagined with new pedagogy, figures, and technology.

James Gross, co-author of the text and Director of the Psychology One Teaching Program at Stanford University, believes in an integrated approach that looks at multiple perspectives to understand the larger complexities of the field. In the Eighth Edition, the authors present psychology as a central discipline that connects to the humanities as well as the exciting advances in neuroscience.











coming from various receptors in the muscles, tendons, and joints. Kinesthesis informs us about our movements and the orientation of our body in space. Another is the vestibular sense, which signals movements of the head, whether produced by deliberate motion or by an external force. This sense helps us know which way is “up” and which is “down,” and it also tells us whether we’re moving at a constant velocity or accelerating. The receptors for the vestibular sense are in the semicircular canals,

interaction among sensory elements can shape the sensory input. In particular, this process can highlight elements such as boundaries and moments of change that are of particular interest to the organism. This pattern of interaction is also evident when we consider a different aspect of vision—namely, the perception of color. A person with normal color vision can distinguish over 7 million shades of color. But fortunately, this staggering number of colors can be classified in terms of just three

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arguing that humans differ from other animals only in being more finely constructed mechanisms. Of course,the ultimate question of whether humans are just machines is as much a question about faith as it is about science. In Descartes’ time, this question centered on whether 3.2 Reflex action as envisaged by Descartes In this sketch, drawn by Descartes himself, the heat from the fire (A) starts a chain of processes that begins at the affected spot of the skin (B) and continues up the nerve tube

cream cone. Structures at the very top of the cord—looking roughly like the ice cream on top of the cone—form the brain stem (Figure 3.27). The medulla is at the bottom of the brain stem; among its other roles, the medulla controls our breathing and blood circulation. It also helps us maintain our balance by controlling head orientation and limb positions in relation to gravity. Above the medulla is the pons, which is one of the most PTHE BRAIN AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEMO important brain areas for

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