Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding

Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding

George Acquaah

Language: English

Pages: 758

ISBN: 0470664754

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

To respond to the increasing need to feed the world's population as well as an ever greater demand for a balanced and healthy diet there is a continuing need to produce improved new cultivars or varieties of plants, particularly crop plants. The strategies used to produce these are increasingly based on our knowledge of relevant science, particularly genetics, but involves a multidisciplinary understanding that optimizes the approaches taken.

Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding, 2nd Edition introduces both classical and molecular tools for plant breeding. Topics such as biotechnology in plant breeding, intellectual property, risks, emerging concepts (decentralized breeding, organic breeding), and more are addressed in the new, updated edition of this text. Industry highlight boxes are included throughout the text to contextualize the information given through the professional experiences of plant breeders. The final chapters provide a useful reference on breeding the largest and most common crops.

  • Up-to-date edition of this bestselling book incorporating the most recent technologies in the field
  • Combines both theory and practice in modern plant breeding
  • Updated industry highlights help to illustrate the concepts outlined in the text
  • Self assessment questions at the end of each chapter aid student learning
  • Accompanying website with artwork from the book available to instructors












coefficient. Path coefficients are standardized partial regression coefficients. References and suggested reading Akroda, M.O. 1983. Principal components analysis and metroglyph of variation among Nigerian yellow yams. Euphytica 32:565–573. Cooley, W.W., and P.R. Lohnes. 1971. Multivariate data analysis. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. Denis, J.C., and M.W. Adams. 1978. A factor analysis of plant variables related to yield in dry beans. I. Morphological traits. Crops Sci. 18:74–78. Kendall,

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(whether small or large fruited) is juicy and succulent. Thorns protect against predators in the wild, but are a nuisance to modern uses of plants. Hence, varieties of ornamentals such as roses that are grown for cut flowers are thornless. The art and science of plant breeding The early domesticators relied solely on experience and intuition to select and advance plants they thought had superior qualities. As knowledge abounds and technology advances, modern breeders are increasingly depending

and National Center for Soybean Biotechnology, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, USA (previously Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA) Nicholas, H. B., Jr., Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA Nigam, S. N., International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Patancheru 502 324, AP, India Novy, R., USDA-ARS, Aberdeen, ID 83210, USA Nuez, F., Instituto para la Conservación y Mejora de la Agrodiversidad Valenciana, Universidad Politécnica de

range from 000 (very early) to VIII (very late)). Plant height can be treated in a similar fashion, and so can seed coat color (expressed as shades of a particular color). Qualitative variation Qualitative variation is easy to classify, study, and utilize in breeding. It is simply inherited (controlled by one or a few genes) and amenable to Mendelian analysis (Figure 5.6). Examples of qualitative traits include diseases, seed characteristics, and compositional traits. Because they are amenable to

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