Pressure Point (The Randall Lee Mysteries #2)

Pressure Point (The Randall Lee Mysteries #2)

Charles Colyott

Language: English

Pages: 365


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Randall Lee is back!

"I need you to do… whatever it is that you do, Randall. Help him. Please."

Just back from a relaxing vacation, acupuncturist and Tai Chi master Randall Lee returns to find his friend, Detective John Knox, in critical condition following a bizarre attack by a seemingly unstoppable assailant.

Against the wishes of the police and his own girlfriend, Randall begins to look into the case... but in vowing to help Knox, Lee must descend into a world of organized crime, mysterious assassins, and his own shadowy past to discover the truth.
















with water. I did the same with hydrogen peroxide, which fizzed terribly and elicited a groan from the unconscious man. Fresh blood began to seep from the wound, and I asked Harrison to hand me the pill bottle from the table. He did, and I began to pack the sawdust-like herb into Darnell Stevens' gunshot wound. The scream was half-hearted from exhaustion and blood loss, and it only lasted a few seconds before he passed out again. I took the needles out, threw them in the trash, and pulled up a

so – but she just gave me a soft, shy kiss on the cheek and told me I was sweet. When she was gone, I started to really feel like an asshole. To take my mind off of that, I decided to fire up the computer and do a little bit of research. It turned out that the term Sambo was a kind of acronym of the Russian name for the art. I watched a few videos of Sambo practitioners in action and knew that my opponent would probably prefer to take me to the ground for grappling. My working strategy? Don't

grabbed David's shoulder and spun him around. The lanky kid sucker-punched David in the stomach, and the younger boy went down. I opened my door and quickly moved to the court. The other kids had begun kicking David's stomach and kidneys when I arrived behind them. I grabbed two of the kids by the shoulder and pulled down and back in a sweeping motion that dropped them to the asphalt. One of the boys let out a cry of surprise, the other cursed as he skinned his elbow on the jagged ground. The

drove my knee into his face with a satisfying crunch. I heard something like an angry bee and felt something pull at my side. I twisted, saw the door man aiming a pistol, and stepped in, catching his wrist and twisting it. I could hear the other assailant struggling to get to his feet and knew that he was still armed with at least the blade, so I resorted to extreme measures. I kept twisting the door man's wrist until his arm folded inward, pointing the barrel of the silenced nine millimeter

this world, Lee. Men we cannot be seen engaging with officially. All I'm asking is for you to contribute your skills to the betterment of mankind." "That isn't exactly in line with my moral code, Mister...?" "McGarrity. You can call me Mr. McGarrity. As for your moral code, Doctor Lee, what do you suppose is better: a visit from you, or a war costing billions of dollars and thousands of lives? If you truly can do what it appears that you can do, you would be doing your country a great service."

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