Pray through the Bible

Pray through the Bible

Caleb McKenzie

Language: English

Pages: 85

ISBN: 1:00030937

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A series of studies of prayer in the Bible












he is asking for,because he knows he doesn'tdeserve it.Then he prays… 2.) TO BE WASHED AND CLEANSEDVs 2-9Now I looked some things up a little here. Because myinitial thought would be that iniquity and sin would be thesame thing. And they are similar but have somedifferences.INIQUITY MEANS: perversity,moral evil, orfaults.SIN MEANS: an offenseI don't know if you catch the difference there but to methis meant a lot.He asks God to "wash him from his evil". To geteverything that is perverse and

hears when… 3.) WE CALL FOR GUIDANCELuke 11:9And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be givenyou; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shallbe opened unto you.Another well known passageProverbs 3:5,6Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and leannot unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shalldirect thy paths.Both these passages giving the same idea. If you prayand ask for God's will he will show it to you.Neither of these verses show a bunch of stipulations

is doing. He knows God had areason and he never turned from God, but now that it'sover he wants to know why God did it. And he asks Godand then God answered.Which is why we are looking at this passage. God'sanswered.I love 38:1a" Then God answered Job… "That is what we want in our prayer life. That is what weare seeking is for God to answer. And Job got it.Because of that I want us to look at Job a little bit and seewhat we can learn that might help us to hear God answerour prayers.1.) JOB'S

family. He went toGod.We would be in a lot better shape if we learned only thattonight.When we get into trouble or we can't figure somethingout we automatically go to our buddies or our friends andwant to have their help or their advice.Good friends that will help you out are nice. And weought to have friends that we can go to for help.I this week Got that. My jeep isn't running right and I hadfriends who were willing to give up their time to come andhelp me work on it.But the first person we

right into the message.1.) David's trust was in God.Vs 1.David trusted God.It goes on to talk about his enemies and differentproblems but, I think that often we read the book ofpsalms and we don't really think about who was writingthis and the things going on.Remember who wrote this. This was king David. Thisman had enemies. He led God's people who wereconstantly fighting an enemy. For that matter they wereconstantly fighting each other.But David trusted God.Have you ever noticed you never see

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