One Child: The Story of China's Most Radical Experiment

One Child: The Story of China's Most Radical Experiment

Mei Fong

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 054427539X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An intimate investigation of the world’s largest experiment in social engineering, revealing how its effects will shape China for decades to come, and what that means for the rest of the world

When Communist Party leaders adopted the one-child policy in 1980, they hoped curbing birth-rates would help lift China’s poorest and increase the country’s global stature. But at what cost? Now, as China closes the book on the policy after more than three decades, it faces a population grown too old and too male, with a vastly diminished supply of young workers.

Mei Fong has spent years documenting the policy’s repercussions on every sector of Chinese society. In One Child, she explores its true human impact, traveling across China to meet the people who live with its consequences. Their stories reveal a dystopian reality: unauthorized second children ignored by the state, only-children supporting aging parents and grandparents on their own, villages teeming with ineligible bachelors, and an ungoverned adoption market stretching across the globe. Fong tackles questions that have major implications for China’s future: whether its “Little Emperor” cohort will make for an entitled or risk-averse generation; how China will manage to support itself when one in every four people is over sixty-five years old; and above all, how much the one-child policy may end up hindering China’s growth.

Weaving in Fong’s reflections on striving to become a mother herself, One Child offers a nuanced and candid report from the extremes of family planning.

















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of patients. “I had a patient with rectal cancer,” Ma told me once. “He himself was aware there was blood in his bowel movements. The daughter wouldn’t let us tell him he had cancer. She would rather her father remain unaware, and she told us to tell her father it was simply hemorrhoids. “Months passed, but the patient did not feel he was getting better. He still found blood in his stool. He was not happy with me. He thought he wasn’t getting proper treatment and refused to cooperate anymore.”

family-planning officials used this as a pretext to seize the child, who was sold into adoption. This man has now spent the last five years in search of the child, whom he believes is living in an Illinois suburb. Such were the costs of the one-child policy. IV I was on a flight returning from Kunming, the nearest major Chinese city bordering Myanmar. A sour taste of failure was in my mouth, for I’d failed to get a visa into the country. Myanmar was in a news blackout after a cyclone,

tofu schools, 20 Tong, Scott, 172 Tonight’s the Night (television show), 106 Too Many People in China? (Liang, James), 60 transgender person, 106–7, 228n Tsinghua University, 37, 62, 97 24 Paragons of Filial Piety, 86–87 twins. See multiple births two children, xii, 11, 24 one-child policy reform and, 60–61 in rural areas, 44, 71, 196 secret two-child zones experiment, 44–45, 58, 59, 73 status in Yicheng, 66–67 sterilization after, 67 See also dandu policy “Two’s Too

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