NYPD Red 4

NYPD Red 4

James Patterson, Marshall Karp

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1455585181

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An audacious jewel heist. A murdered actress. A killer case for NYPD Red.

In a city where crime never sleeps, NYPD Red is the elite task force called in only when a case involves the rich, famous, and connected. Detective Zach Jordan and his partner, Kylie MacDonald--the woman who broke his heart at the police academy--are the best of the best, brilliant and tireless investigators who will stop at nothing to catch a criminal, even if it means antagonizing the same high-flying citizens they're supposed to be helping.

When a glitzy movie premiere is the scene of a shocking murder and high-stakes robbery, NYPD Red gets the call. Traversing the city's highs and lows, from celebrity penthouses to the depths of Manhattan's criminal underworld, Zach and Kylie have to find a cold-blooded killer--before he strikes again.

NYPD Red 4 is the next sensational thriller by James Patterson, the #1 bestselling crime writer of all time.




















money. She hadn’t come for the money. She had come for the confession that she had just goaded out of him. And her son, as dumb as he was, knew they had gotten what they had come for. Only instead of putting on a high-stakes poker face the way his mother could, Teddy had blurted out, “Let’s go. We got enough.” The old woman and her son weren’t the prey. They were the bait. And Max wasn’t the hunter. He was the hunted. CHAPTER 70 “WE GOT HIM,” Kylie said as soon as Max Bassett admitted that

said, “why don’t you just take Mr. Bassett’s boat?” CHAPTER 73 “HOW WERE WE supposed to know he had a boat?” Kylie grunted as we clambered up the steep embankment. “We were working blind inside that van.” “Right,” I said. “Millionaire outdoorsman. House on a lake. It’s not like we’re trained detectives.” Teddy helped pull us up over the ridge and onto the driveway. “It’s over there,” he said, pointing to a covered boathouse attached to the garage. We were both operating on high-octane

more chance. How many times had she said those words? And the answer was always the same. “I can’t, Kylie,” her mother had said. “I love your father, but I’m out of chances.” She was ten when her parents got divorced. She couldn’t understand her mother’s logic. If you loved someone, really loved them, how could you not give them one more chance to make the marriage work? Twenty-five years later, faced with the same life choice as her mother, she was able to make some sense of it. She loved

quarantine the entire unit!” Castro grabbed a surgical mask, went to the doorway, saw Dr. DeSales working furiously on a comatose eight-year-old girl. “John, get out of there.” “If I do, she dies,” Dr. DeSales said. “You don’t, you could die.” Various alarms started sounding from the monitors and machines attached to a six-year-old boy in the bed next to the girl. Dr. Castro scanned the numbers, saw the boy was crashing too. Throwing aside all caution, Castro yanked on sterile gloves and

investigation. She called the PC this morning, and he’s on board.” “This is a pervasive crime spree, but it’s the first time we’ve ever heard of it,” Kylie said. “Why is it so hush-hush? And why not tell the public what’s going on? Sometimes they can be our best source of leads.” “If you ask the head of any one of these hospitals, he’ll tell you that the secrecy is for the well-being of the patients. People want to feel safe when they check in, but if they hear that criminals have stolen a

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