Nightcrawlers: A Nameless Detective Novel ("Nameless" Detective Novels)

Nightcrawlers: A Nameless Detective Novel ("Nameless" Detective Novels)

Bill Pronzini

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0765309319

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bill Pronzini's "Nameless" detective has become one of the longest-lived, and consistently highly praised, private investigators in the annals of American crime fiction and the award-winning author proves, once again, that his skills
are unmatched.

Things were quiet in the San Francisco-based agency Nameless founded and his

partners, Jake and Vanessa were itching to get back to work. A deadbeat father needed to be found, and Vanessa needed to do some field work, so she took the file and headed out to keep an eye on the last known address.

Jake got to work on something much more personal...and dangerous. The Castro had become the stomping ground, literally, of two violent gay-bashers and the most recent victim was Jake's son's lover. Father and son are estranged, but maybe helping now would help them reconcile. That was Jake's thought when he started. For Nameless it was all a matter of letting everyone know that if they needed his help, he was there.

Jake was handling his situation but for Vanessa, things got out of hand. Her perp never showed up, but when she saw a man carrying a young girl into the house across the street, she knew something was wrong....and about to get worse, because she was going to investigate what was going on.

When she doesn't show up a few days later, Nameless feels a sinking in his gut: a few years ago he'd been kidnapped, shackled, and left to die in a cabin in the woods and something about Vanessa's disappearance echoed too loudly. When he discovers the house she'd investigated on her own and sees the words TAKING US TO A HOUSE IN THE WOODS scrawled on a closet wall, the echo became thunderous.

Now it was a race against time, and the clock had begun ticking before "Nameless" and Jake heard the starter's gun.





















hours. Whoo. Any job like that came up in the future, she’d be quick to hand it over to Jake Runyon. She sighed and stared at the empty street and wondered if she ought to pack it in. Natural aversion to giving up on a job, even for one night, but much more of this and she’d be listening to complaints from her ass all day tomorrow. Besides which, she had to pee. Not too bad yet, but before long it’d be a crisis. Pepsi and 7UP didn’t have a thing on Slim•Fast when it came to fast trips through

he was driving?” “I’m sorry, no, I didn’t.” “Was Troy home at the time?” “No, and a good thing he wasn’t. As angry as Tommy was, there’d have been a scene.” “He just went away? Tommy, I mean.” “Not before he said he’d ‘fix me’ if I let Troy keep on living here. ‘Tell him to get his ass back home fast or I’ll come and drag it back.’ His exact words. I don’t like threats, but letting rooms in this building is my responsibility. I can’t afford to lose my manager’s position, or this apartment.”

that?” “Nope,” Powers said. “Just walking across the street to her car.” “Coming from where?” “Didn’t see. Someplace on this side.” “What did you think? I mean, a young black woman, a stranger, sitting in a parked car two nights in a row.” “Figured she was waiting for somebody. Which is just what she was doing, so you told me.” “Didn’t make you suspicious?” “Nope. Why should it?” “Some people might’ve been.” “On account of her being black? Not me. I notice things, but I mind my own

earlier, only this time he was all tensed with his head craned forward. Staring toward where she was in the woods. She made like one of the tree trunks, a sick, hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her heart skipped a beat, stuttered, skipped another. Lemoyne broke into a run, heading straight at her. Saw us! Panic spun her around, sent her plunging away from him, away from the creek and the driveway, deeper into the woods. 27 JAKE RUNYON Five minutes in Nevada City, and you

know I do, but maybe it’s time you took a leave of absence. Come back here and let me take care of you for a while. Will you at least give it some serious thought?” Vonda: “Tam, my God, what a horrible experience. I mean, it must’ve been like living through a Samuel Jackson movie or something. Makes all my troubles seem pretty small, not that they are small. Not to me anyway. I thought Alton was gonna take Ben’s head off just for walking in the front door. And you should’ve heard Daddy go off on

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