Newsweek (28 November 2014)

Newsweek (28 November 2014)

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Baghdad—People gather at the scene of a car bomb attack in Sadr City, a mainly Shiite district, on May 11. Three car bombings claimed by the Islamic State group (ISIS) killed at least 93 people in the deadliest single day of attacks on Iraq’s capital this year. There is a security vacuum in Iraq as the government appears to be unraveling—the country’s parliament has been unable to hold meetings, and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is struggling to uproot extremists as well as to address economic

Valley girl. She grew up in a modest middle-class family in Los Angeles. Her father was a lawyer, her mother a homemaker, and she had three sisters, though the eldest died in a car accident at 21. Smithers was shy, liked art and was lukewarm on school. “Sometimes, when I’m sitting in my room, I just feel like screaming and pounding my pillow,” she told Newsweek. “I’m so confused about this whole world and everything that’s happening.” NEWSWEEK 44 0 5 / 2 7/ 2 0 1 6 + LEADING LADY: CLOCKWISE

to render those groups defenseless or vulnerable. Then they’re condemned on top of that. That seems grossly unfair.… “Life over a half-century is humbling. I hope that I’m cultivating more ability to empathize with different kinds of people. I’m still struggling to be more human. That’s a lifelong challenge.” LAURA JO DEGAN (Formerly Davis) + “I HAVE BEEN VERY NERVOUS about this,” Laura Jo Degan, 64, says at the outset of our phone interview. “I have to tell you the truth: I wasn’t sure what

explanations. It’s clear that Rousseff, isolated and politically tone-deaf, failed until it was too late to fully grasp the threat to her survival. The Rousseff-as-earnest-technocrat theory also has a major hole in it: If she was so focused on numbers, how did she miss the sheer scale of the robbery at Petrobras, especially during the years she was energy minister and the chair of the company’s board? The answer probably lies in the simplest, most damning criticism of Rousseff: She just wasn’t

seek taking a key role in Kuwait’s national celebrations. As partners, it was our pleasure to see people of Kuwait actively participating in this year’s Hala Febrayer carnival,” says Sheikh Al Thani. Considering that Ooredoo Kuwait is a part of one of the world’s largest mobile operators, their high-profile community involvement serves as a reminder of ease of doing business in Kuwait. The country has increasingly improved its ratings in this area according to monitoring indexes. Like Ooredoo,

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