Newsweek (28 November 2014)

Newsweek (28 November 2014)

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of the jobs that sustained the community. Upper management—and the kinds of families that came along with it—disappeared from Newton, Curtis recalls. “It’s a little more diverse [now],” he says. “It’s a little more of a labor type of environment here. The school is smaller by population, so that has changed sports and academics.” One positive addition has been the Des Moines Area Community College’s Newton campus. “It’s done a great job working with the school system to get high school students

cheerful photos Newsweek published of her gleefully riding a Honda motorbike and smiling brightly in a close-up—masked the hardships she’d endured. The year before Newsweek’s cover story, Degan’s father, a photographer for Shell Oil, died of a heart attack on Mother’s Day. “There were real traumatic things—I guess you can tell from my voice,” she says, trembling. “Financially, that put a big strain on the family.” Degan started working at a local florist, and her mother got a job running an

M E H KOCORO P O B/ YOU T U B E ; T H E LOYAL DUTC H M A N / YOU T U B E ; AS H Y P I N E A P P L E Z / YOU T U B E ; M AT T 5 1 / YOU T U B E ; M U RA N AT U S ESAY/ YOU T U B E “The part of the brain that wants to think things through, think of the consequences and think long term is still under construction well until their 20s,” says Giedd. + background was watching them on a closed-circuit computer system. Steinberg’s team found that people in the fake peer-observed group were consistently

the final question: Why did she do it? Why did Rousseff stand by as her government fell apart? Some of the explanation probably lies in her origin story. Not the one we’ve all heard about— the Dilma Rousseff of her early 20s, the guerrilla who endured jail and torture. No, I’m talking about Dilma Rousseff the adult, after her release from prison in 1973, the one who undertook a much less glamorous life as an economist and public servant. This is the bespectacled energy policy wonk who just 20

signature foreign policy achievement on very shaky ground.” Both Tehran and Washington insist they’re committed to the accord. But Iran’s concerns and the prospect of the deal collapsing were evident in April, when Valiollah Seif, Iran’s central bank governor, made a rare visit to Washington, ostensibly to attend the spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. At a sit-down with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Seif demanded more sanction relief. “They need to do whatever is

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