Never Dead: A Cardiff Bay Investigation (DCI Martin Phelps Series Book 5)

Never Dead: A Cardiff Bay Investigation (DCI Martin Phelps Series Book 5)

Wonny Lea

Language: English

Pages: 260


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Never Dead is the fifth in Wonny Lea’s DCI Martin Phelps series, set in the thriving Welsh capital city of Cardiff.

As a newly promoted DI it wasn’t long before Matt Pryor was putting his own stamp on an investigation. The sudden death of an elderly man on a local train turns out to be murder and even Professor Moore is surprised by the cause of death.

The photograph found in the dead man’s pocket is one of the ‘double mysteries’ that Matt has to consider and he brings on board the North Wiltshire CID who jump at the chance to investigate Woodcanton Hall and a seemingly reputable charity organisation.

Meanwhile In a temporary departure from his usual role DCI Martin Phelps attempts to unlock the brutal murder of a young Somalian. His body was found a decade ago and at the time nobody could identify him and the police investigation was shoddy. A possible lead was the number of smooth stones arranged like the petals of a flower and acting on a hunch Martin discovered who was placing the stones.

The same names and faces appear in Matt’s case and the one Martin is attempting to solve and so back together they arrive at the identity of the killer but are unable to prevent one final murder.





















of another human being. Samatar when translated means ‘someone who does good’, and Rahim, ‘mercy’. Maybe his parents had some sort of vision about what sort of man their son would grow into. If so, they had got it drastically wrong. ‘You really are a bunch of bastards. Why didn’t you arrange for me to travel to the States with you? We’ve done it before – we’ve campaigned in America. It wouldn’t have been seen as strange. It’s typical of your lot to leave a woman to face the music.’ Catherine was

a great help. One last thing. Do you remember who the pathologist was? There’s a signature on the PM notes but I don’t recognise it and the report fall far short of what I would expect from Professor Moore.’ Sergeant Evans looked at the report. ‘I can’t make out the signature either, but around that time if a locum was needed there was a middle-aged woman who stood in. Ask Mrs Williams, she’ll remember.’ At the door he turned for one last comment. ‘I’ve told you before, Martin, that none of the

rather it be you, so here it is.’ Iris handed over Ian’s address that she had written on one of her paper napkins. ‘If he needs any help please let me know.’ Martin nodded and was trying to decide whether to go back upstairs or take a walk around the Bay to clear his head when his phone rang. He noted that the caller’s number had been withheld and so he answered officially. ‘Hello, DCI Phelps speaking.’ ‘So pleased I got the right number. Laura Cummings here. How are you, DCI Phelps?’ The

hard. ‘And she’s sure about being able to identify the man who had designs on her brother and who was present at the time of his death?’ Martin nodded. ‘What about the woman that she mentioned a few times?’ ‘Nothing much to go on there,’ replied Martin. ‘Basra could tell me the woman had green eyes and was able to give me an idea of her height and build but she never saw her face. She did say she would recognise her voice.’ ‘OK, let’s look at where we go with this. What do you want from me?’

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