Net Of Cobwebs

Net Of Cobwebs

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her like this. They were standing in the upper hall, where she had been waiting for him; she had been anxious; she was anxious now. She looked like a kid, in her blue-and-white-checked gingham dress, and he was very fond of her. He bent and kissed her on the temple, and that was a mistake. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth, a kiss that made him gasp. “Malcolm! Malcolm!” she said in a fierce whisper. “T-take it easy, dear.” “All I want in the world is for you to be

she was, standing in the room behind him, in her pink kimono, her light hair long and dank; she screamed and screamed and it made him wince. “Gussie,” said Lily, “you’ll have to run upstairs and scream. Go on! You can’t scream here. The doctor’s coming, and we can’t have this.” “Ben! He’s dead!” “We don’t know yet. Go on upstairs,” said Lily, perfectly matter-of-fact, “and you can yell your head off if you like.” Gussie was staring at Ben with fascinated intentness. “I didn’t ought to have

done anything. He stood leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets, watching Gussie and listening to her with great interest. It had nothing to do with him, but it was a damn interesting story. “What happened to the pink kimono?” he asked. “Oh, yes!” said Lily. “What ever did happen to your kimono and your wet slippers after you came back from the garage, Gussie?” “That was kind of funny,” said Gussie. “I didn’t wear any slippers, just rubbers, that I left in the hall closet

a quiet woman. Happy— but quiet about it. They were coming to another high wire fence and he was tired of them. “Quite a long way, isn’t it?” he said. “It’s only three miles. Why? Are you tired, Malcolm?” “Oh, Lord, no! I just thought it was quite a long way.” “I’m afraid you are tired. Oh, Malcolm, I’m worried about you!” “Well, don’t be,” he said. But that wouldn’t do; that wasn’t good enough. He took her hand and smiled at her, a grin from ear to ear; he kept her hand in his and they

gave bad advice,” he said. His mouth twitched, the bridge of his nose twitched. God, if I could tell it! If I could say it! “I gave bad advice,” he said. “He was only a kid. Only sixteen. He was frightened sick, right from the start. I told him—nothing to worry about. I told him everything would be all right.” I killed him. The others on the deck—the ones who didn’t jump—they were all taken off, safe and sound. Only Alfred... I told him to jump and he did. He landed flat against the thwart of

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