Moloch: Or, This Gentile World

Moloch: Or, This Gentile World

Henry Miller

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 080213372X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Uncovered along with Crazy Cock in 1988 by Miller biographer Mary V. Dearborn, Moloch emerged from the misery of Miller's years at Western Union and from the squalor of his first marriage. Set in the rapidly changing New York City of the early twenties, its hero is the rough-and-tumble Dion Moloch, a man filled with anger and despair. Trapped in a demeaning job, oppressed by an acrimonious home life, Moloch escapes to the streets only to be assaulted by a world he despises even more — a Brooklyn transformed into a shrill medley of ethnic sights, sounds, and smells. The antagonized Moloch strikes out blindly at everything he hates, battling against a world whose hostility threatens to overwhelm and destroy him.
















At seventeen Cora was like an Arctic summer. She looked out at the world from cold, porcelain eyes that shimmered like blue icebergs under the play of boreal lights. In ten years Cora had paled into a fragile memory, a memory of a tight bodice and a sassafras peruke. He could never permit himself to think of Greenpoint without a vicious tug at his heart. Maujer, Con-selyea, Humboldt Streets; the streets that Cora once had trod. These streets, forlorn now, were consecrated to HER. If the truth

silvery moon, meet me tonight ...” Suddenly he broke off and slapped Moloch’s knee. “Wasn’t that funny when the guy rapped on the door and bawled hell out of us?” “You didn’t act as though you thought it funny then,” Moloch retorted. “I thought we were in for a good beating.” Dave didn’t forget to remember about the books. He started off by inquiring about Shakespeare. “Somebody told me there was a lot of dirt in his plays. Is that on the up-and-up, D. M.?” “Yeah, Shakespeare got away with

you said, he said: ‘You might suggest to Mr. Moloch that he transfer his desk to the lavatory’ . . . and he hung up.” “All right, Dave. See you bright and early.” Dave hopped off. “It’s almost daylight,” he yelled as the car started forward. 11 RETIRING BESIDE THE CATALEPTIC FIGURE OF HIS WIFE, Dion Moloch at once sank five fathoms deep into a splendorous sea of unconsciousness. His dream was of such a quality as we experience only in the trammeled depths of a profound stupor. It commenced

broken voice that issued from the bowels of the earth. When he laughed (which he did occasionally, to relieve the gloom in which he was smothered) the reverberations sounded like the punctuated squeals of a sow getting her throat slit. “You’re going mad,” said Moloch. Prigozi grinned sheepishly from behind his Mazda sockets. “Listen, Sid, you’ve got to brace up. Do you hear me, you’ve got to brace up!” A wan smile illumined the cadaverish expression. The man looked as if he wanted to puke up

ought to read the Bible. No kidding! It’s a marvelous book. There’s everything in it; love, hate, fear, envy, malice, lust, greed, murder . . . everything that makes the world go round.” “What queer thoughts!” Naomi reflected aloud. “Above all,” he went on, “read Ecclesiastes.” Silence. “Naomi, what’s the matter? Aren’t you listening?” Naomi had fallen into a bottomless pit. 14 WHENEVER THE PHENOMENON KNOWN TO ASTROLOgers as a “grand conjunction” took place this pockmarked planet became

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