Mike on Crime: True Tales of Law and Disorder

Mike on Crime: True Tales of Law and Disorder

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Urichen, Anthony Pulsifer and Chad Handsor to kill Wiebe, whom he believed had stolen drugs from him. He may have also been jealous of Wiebe for being friends with his girlfriend, court was told. “Without [the youth], T.J. would be alive. These three people were hired hit men who didn’t even know my son. [The youth] did,” said Floyd Wiebe. The mother of the youth accused had testified how she was losing her grip on the drug-addicted teen in the months before the grisly killing. “He was very

no record of Phoenix being apprehended again at this time, Kim Edwards—a friend of Sinclair’s—took in Phoenix. Edwards said she cared for Phoenix on and off from that point until the child was three, when she went back to live with Sinclair. In February 2003, Phoenix was treated at a Winnipeg hospital for an infection, at which point Winnipeg CFS reopened a file on the child and in June she was again apprehended from her parents’ care. Phoenix returned to Edwards’ home, but was removed by CFS

Sjodin’s former roommate, Meg Flategraff, told jurors how Linda Walker was a bridesmaid at her recent wedding. “She stood in for Dru because she couldn’t be there,” she said. Defence lawyers had objected to much of the heart-wrenching testimony being heard and even moved for a mistrial once the prosecution had called all its evidence. Judge Ralph Erickson refused, saying there was no prejudice to Rodriguez. In his opening statement, prosecutor Drew Wrigley said the death penalty was the only

saw her, which was only hours after she checked her numbers in the newspaper and found a match. “We didn’t know at the time who won, Cora or us,” she replied. Following a brief pause, Tessier explained she wasn’t sure if the winner was a ticket bought by Macatula or another ticket bought by her son, Larry. She admitted her son was occasionally unable to buy the ticket for an upcoming draw so she would ask Macatula to pick it up for her. “I told her I didn’t want to her to go out of her way, but

witness described how Pulsifer had calmly confessed to murdering T.J. by choking him “until he turned blue” and then cutting his throat with a knife. “Anthony was going on about how he killed T.J. [Wiebe]. He was asking me if I’d ever seen the fear in someone’s eyes. I kept telling him to shut up,” Mallory Johnson told court. She told jurors the confession came just days after Pulsifer and two co-accused were openly talking about injecting Wiebe with a syringe. “They were trying to find the best

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