McGraw-Hill's LSAT with CD-ROM, 2014 Edition (McGraw-Hill's LSAT (W/CD))

McGraw-Hill's LSAT with CD-ROM, 2014 Edition (McGraw-Hill's LSAT (W/CD))

Language: English

Pages: 399

ISBN: 0071821392

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


We've put all of our proven expertise into McGraw-Hill's LSAT to make sure you're ready for this all-important exam. In this unique guide you'll find an innovative, casebook-style instructional approach along with seven full-length practice exams, fully explained practice questions, and all the tools and test-taking strategies you'll need to get your best LSAT score.

Features include:

  • 7 full-length practice exams: 3 in the book, 2 on CD-ROM, and 2 interactive practice tests online at
  • New free interactive Test Planner app available for download (see inside front cover for details)
  • 12 free online videos demonstrating effective techniques for answering the most difficult question types
  • Sample LSAT study plans, tips for getting the most from the online practice tests and videos, and more
  • Inside advice on applying to law school
  • CD-ROM with computer-adaptive practice LSATs
    • Compatible with Mac and PC systems













the United States is unique in the world in some of its legal practices as a relevant consideration when interpreting the Constitution. (C) They are not as well versed in foreign court systems as those who support comparativism. (D) They believe that globalization is a short-term economic trend and that legal scholars should not allow constitutional interpretation to be influenced by such fleeting shifts in the economy. (E) They believe that the trust that Americans have given their justices

results. 4. People are often told to eat a substantial breakfast because it reduces the amount of food consumed during the rest of the day. Yet, a recent study reported that for both obese and normal weight adults, eating a large, small, or no breakfast made no difference at all with regard to their non-breakfast calorie intake during the rest of the day. Which of the following is most reasonably supported by the information above? (A) Dieters who eat small breakfasts benefit from the same

question. The first question for this passage asks you to identify the main idea of the passage. STEP 2: Go back to the passage to find the answer. Review the first and last paragraphs to get a sense of the main idea. STEP 3: Read every word of every answer choice. Answer A cannot be correct because the passage suggests that budgetary conditions may make it difficult, but the passage does not suggest that it is impossible. When an answer uses such categorical terms as never, you can almost

Supreme Court decision in relation to any effort by the executive or legislative branches of the United States government. Answer D is fairly accurate. The section of the passage does give some historical perspective. There are several key phrases that make this choice optimal, such as “Since the early years,” “In 1964,” and “continued to influence.” These are historical-sounding phrases. Answer E cannot be correct because the Supreme Court was trying to solve gerrymandering, not create it. While

it. Regarding answer D, the author does explain a trend in corporate behavior, namely integration of philanthropy into operations and sales, and compares it to the previous behavior of just making a donation. Finally, the author poses a question directed at the idea of corporate philanthropy in general. This answer is right on the mark. Answer E proposes that the author discusses an unethical behavior, but this is not the case. The author merely says that the corporations are not giving full

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