McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2012 Edition

McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2012 Edition

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0071763503

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The LSAT guide created by top students at Harvard Law School to help you achieve your dream score!

Members of Curvebreakers have been where you are--preparing for the LSAT, hoping to get a score that leads to admission to one's first choice of law school--so they know what it takes for success. McGraw-Hill's LSAT, revised and improved for 2012, is a complete coaching program to help you reach your desired score, with step-by-step instructions, logic tools and diagramming techniques to help you master the most challenging LSAT problems.

Inside you'll find:

  • Four complete practice LSATs with detailed answer explanations, as well as two more practice LSATs online with automatic scoring and timing
  • Student-tested strategies for achieving the highest possible scores
  • New to this edition are "Most Likely to Be on the Test" lists and "Have You Learned Everything You Need to Know" quizzes
  • Advice on how to survive your first year in law school by recent and current Harvard Law School students















no reason to think that the scenario proposed in the sentence is unachievable. (E) This is not an example of anything, and there is no general proposition that is outlined elsewhere in the squib. Reasoning Strategy Questions: Common Traits Now that you have reviewed some sample reasoning strategy questions, you should be able to recognize their common traits. These traits are listed in the following outline. I. General Format 1. Squib is three to seven sentences. 2. Word count: 48–110. 3.

of the disease is the only medical benefit of early diagnosis mentioned by the author. (A) Being able to deal with precautionary legal issues is a benefit of early diagnosis, but it is not a medical benefit. (B) The passage does not mention the expense of treating the disease. (C) The passage states explicitly that current treatments are unable to prevent the full course of the disease. (E) The opposite is true: While doctors cannot stop the disease’s progression, they can lengthen it through

clearly wrong answers. These are choices that some test takers find compelling because they pick up key words from the squib or because they make a political statement that the test taker would support. The LSAT is a politically neutral test, so when you see a choice that makes a political or ethical statement (particularly an extreme one), you should be aware that that choice is probably not correct. Logical Reasoning Strategies When presented with a logical reasoning squib, there are several

It is counterintuitive to believe that plans of some people are not actualized but plans of other people are. (D) Presidential addresses are not always pivotal moments but they are always historically noteworthy, whereas senators’ addresses are sometimes ignored by the public. (E) Competition between presidents and senators often causes presidential proposals to be rejected. (A) In all areas of cities except downtown, people are robbed only during daylight hours. (B) Robbers are more likely to

information about either the facts or the conclusion but does not relate the facts sufficiently to the conclusion D. Clearly Wrong Answers a. generally do not relate to either the facts or the conclusion b. generally provide a piece of information that relates to the subject matter of the squib but not to its logic Now that you have seen some of the test makers’ tricks, answer the following seven “strengthen” questions. Every correct answer and incorrect answer choice will match a particular

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