Master the LSAT Includes 2 Official LSATs!

Master the LSAT Includes 2 Official LSATs!

Jeff Kolby

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 1889057118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for the LSAT.

To prepare properly for the LSAT, you must study problems that reflect the true LSAT format. The best way to do that is to study actual LSAT tests. Now, you can do that with this book! MASTER THE LSAT contains detailed solutions to numerous actual LSAT questions, carefully selected to illustrate every type of question that has appeared on the test in the past several years, including thorough analysis of 2 official LSATs! These solutions will introduce you to numerous analytic techniques that will help you immensely not only on the LSAT but in law school as well.

The LSAT is an aptitude test. Like all aptitude tests, it must choose a medium in which to measure intellectual ability. The LSAT has chosen logic. Although this makes the LSAT hard, it also makes the test predictable--it is based on fundamental principles of logic. MASTER THE LSAT analyzes and codifies these basic principles: the contrapositive, the if-then, pivotal words, etc. Armed with this knowledge, you will have the ability to greatly increase your score.


* Analytical Reasoning: Learn powerful diagramming techniques and step-by-step strategies to solve every type of game question that has appeared on the LSAT.

* Logical Reasoning: Discover the underlying simplicity of these problems and learn the principles of logic these questions are based on.

* Reading Comprehension: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a passage. (pivotal words, counter-premises, etc.)

* Mentor Exercises: These exercises provide hints, insight, and partial solutions to ease your transition from seeing LSAT problems solved to solving them on your own.

* Complete analysis of 2 official LSATs.

* Official score conversion charts and writing samples for each test.

* The average LSAT scores of 153 ABA approved law schools.

Also includes LSAT test prep software!

Software features:

Mentor Mode: In Mentor Mode, you are immediately told whether you answered a problem correctly, and you can immediately view a detailed solution of the problem.

Test Mode: In Test Mode, you can take a test timed and scored by the program.



















1,500 citations per year were issued in connection with tobacco sales to minors. County building inspectors report that almost fifty percent of the homes they inspect are equipped with gauges that monitor carbon monoxide levels. Fifteen years ago, only twenty-five percent of inspected homes were equipped with these gauges. However, even though more homes are now monitored for poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, the total number of homes with confirmed dangerous fume levels is no higher now than

is, he does tell us that it is not merely categorization by common properties. Now we turn to the third paragraph: Categorization is not a matter to be taken lightly. There is nothing more basic than categorization to our thought, perception, action and speech. Every time we see something as a kind of thing, for example, a tree, we are categorizing. Whenever we reason about kinds of things: chairs, nations, illnesses, emotions, any kind of thing at allwe are employing categories. Whenever we

points of view, they are unable to evaluate or justify them. To have an opinion is everyone’s right. While students in the dualistic stage are unable to produce evidence to support what they consider to be self-evident absolutes, students in the multiplistic stage are unable to connect instances into coherent generalizations. Every assertion, every point, is valid. In their democracy they are directionless. Capital punishment? What sense is there in answering one murder with another? The third

will be false! This often causes students much consternation; they feel that the correct answer should be true. But the arguments are intended to test your ability to think logically. Now logic is the study of the relationships between statements, not of the truth of those statements. Being overly concerned with finding the truth can be ruinous to your LSAT score. Many books recommend reading the question before reading the argument. This method, however, does not work for me; I find it

you attack a premise (either expressed or suppressed) of the argument. Now someone who did not fully understand the author’s main point might mistake the counter-premise for a premise. Look at answer-choice (B); it directly attacks the counter-premise by implying that it may not be true. The LSAT writers offer (B) as bait. They know that some people will fall for it because it attacks a statement in the argument, as should the answer. The best answer, however, will attack the main premise. One

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