Maple on Tap: Making Your Own Maple Syrup

Maple on Tap: Making Your Own Maple Syrup

Rich Finzer

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1601730349

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

        THIS book is the only book you'll ever need to make your own maple syrup.

The gold medal award winning book from author Rich Finzer, a Blue Ribbon-winning maple syrup producer with 20+ years of experience. Get the best advice, learn the shortcuts and tricks that will prevent you from making rookie season mistakes, save you money by explaining what equipment you really need and save you valuable time during the boiling-down process. Maple on Tap includes step-by-step instructions for all sugaring activities from tapping to bottling, as age-old skills are enhanced with modern sugaring techniques. Included are beautiful color photographs clearly demonstrating the process - further lifting the veil of mystery on this unique North American pursuit. 















advantage that we could engage in a network of old-fashioned, cash-free country commerce to benefit us all. The math isn’t important. It’s the sense of community and trust that’s important. We each exchange goods with one another, have become good neighbors, and in some cases close friends. Trust is the lynchpin. Our simple barter-based system couldn’t exist without it. My beekeeper friend has no honey in March, but he receives maple syrup from me, as do the apple grower, strawberry patch owner,

prices are for new equipment. You may be able to acquire some used items through the classified ads or by searching the Internet. And unless otherwise noted, these prices are for a single item. If you opt for a 24-tap system, like mine, you’ll have to do the math for your budget, but you may be entitled to discounts if you buy in quantity. Also note, as I researched prices, I discovered wide disparities between various retailers, so check several and do plenty of comparison shopping. This is

it yourself. Who would know? So the message I’m attempting to convey is this; the eventual outcome you wish to achieve is predicated upon planning, education and a brutal level of personal honesty. So right upfront, if you don’t want to deal with the significant amount of heavy lifting that making maple syrup entails, then buy it at the grocery. Because let me tell you, make no mistake about it, as a backyard producer, making syrup is just plain old hard work! Will you boil outside or do you own

2,669 BLACK SPRUCE 15.9 2,482 EASTERN WHITEPINE 14 .3 2,23 6 BALSAM FIR 14 .3 2,23 6 *MBTU = million BTUs per cord BTU data courtesy of World Forest Industries from their website, If you are boiling down 45 gallons of sap, you’ll need about 200 pieces of finely split wood. CHAPTER 4 ROOKIE YEAR MISTAKES & HOW TO AVOID THEM IN 1991, WHEN I decided to “sugar off “ for the first time, I didn’t have a clue what the outcome would be. I also didn’t have a proper

bottom line, always have more wood than you could possibly burn. For me that equates to a full-face cord of split 4 inch rounds of black locust, oak, beech, softwood or pallet scraps. 4 IMPATIENCE I was firmly convinced that once we got color in the maple sap, we were well on our way to making syrup. Wrong again. Oh, we had a nice medium amber color, but we still had another fifteen gallons of sap left to boil down. What I hadn’t bothered to acquire yet was a decent thermometer. Our boil

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