Love Has a Face: Mascara, a Machete and One Woman's Miraculous Journey with Jesus in Sudan

Love Has a Face: Mascara, a Machete and One Woman's Miraculous Journey with Jesus in Sudan

Michele Perry

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0800794788

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A young missionary working with Sudanese children sees transformation one child at a time, changed form the inside by Jesus' heart of love and power.



















you have come. This statement made tears stream down my face in a river of gratefulness to Jesus. It came on a day I desperately needed a reminder of why I was there, and it truly summed up my journey in many ways. Why did I stay in the midst of circumstances that on some days define the word impossible? This was why. The reason things are so difficult and hard here, and even corrupt and violent at times, is that the people have never seen love before. Ever. From anywhere. They have seen

nothing more than slave labor. These guys have found home That was a night of vivid contrasts. Mary came to us as the image of rejection and mourning. But in an instant all that changed. She was found. I felt the heart of Jesus bursting with joy that in a field where the platform ministry was about numbers and credits as the suffering looked on in silence, His treasure was found. When I returned home from finding Mary, our children and I talked about the evening as I nursed blisters from a

well . . . tourists!” “Wow, tourists? Where are you going?” “Cameroon and Central African Republic. What do you do here?” “We have a children’s home. That is our gate over there.” While I talked with them, my friend was peeking in the windows, thinking how strange it was that their truck appeared to be completely empty. She saw no luggage, no water, no food, not even a map! Yet the truck was actually there in the natural. It was there. I leaned on it. “Which way is Maridi?” they asked.

can make marshmallows into monsters. But in His love, it has no place to operate. That night one of our local students went home to lead a neighbor witch doctor to Jesus. This young man looked past his fear and saw the heart of Jesus. God allowed him to extract the precious from the worthless and be His spokesman. Perfect love truly does drive out all fear. Once again little children showed the way to freedom and the heart of the Father. It was they who pointed the way home. Washed Away

yet another year of His promises, I can scarcely fathom where the pursuit of His heart will take us in the days to come. Much that lies ahead of us here appears unstable and uncertain in the natural. But we live in the supernatural reality of His goodness where any storms that come are actually heaven’s invitation to dance. But what about you? In the beginning I told you I wanted you to keep reading right to the edge of the map—and then step off the known path into your own story lived from the

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