Little Women and Good Wives (Vintage Classics)

Little Women and Good Wives (Vintage Classics)

Louisa May Alcott

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0099511495

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life in the March household is full of adventures and accidents as the four very different March sisters follow their varying paths to adulthood, always maintaining the special bond between them. Sensible Meg, impetuous Jo, shy Beth, and artistic Amy each have to confront different challenges as they grow up together and attempt to learn how to be both happy and good.





















calculated the cost, and I’ll pay for it myself.” “Don’t you think, dear, that as these girls are used to such things, and the best we can do will be nothing new, that some simpler plan would be pleasanter to them, as a change, if nothing more, and much better for us than buying or borrowing what we don’t need, and attempting a style not in keeping with our circumstances?” “If I can’t have it as I like I don’t care to have it at all. I know that I can carry it out perfectly well, if you and the

stories, they say;” and he pointed to the name of Mrs. S. L. A. N. G. Northbury, under the title of the tale. “Do you know her?” asked Jo, with sudden interest. “No; but I read all her pieces, and I know a fellow that works in the office where this paper is printed.” “Do you say she makes a good living out of stories like this?” and Jo looked more respectfully at the agitated group and thickly-sprinkled exclamation points that adorned the page. “Guess she does! she knows just what folks like,

Neither of them had forgotten Camp Laurence, or the fun we had there. What ages ago it seems, don’t it? “Aunt is tapping on the wall for the third time, so I must stop. I really feel like a dissipated London fine lady, writing here so late, with my room full of pretty things, and my head a jumble of parks, theatres, new gowns, and gallant creatures, who say ‘Ah,’ and twirl their blond mustaches, with the true English lordliness. I long to see you all, and in spite of my nonsense am, as ever,

and I’m to see to things about the house more, and now and then have a little fun, just to keep me from getting to be a fidgetty, broken-down old woman before my time. It’s only an experiment, John, and I want to try it for your sake, as much as for mine, because I’ve neglected you shamefully lately, and I’m going to make home what it used to be, if I can. You don’t object, I hope?” Never mind what John said, or what a very narrow escape the little bonnet had from utter ruin; all that we have

better for such experiences and illustrations as these;” and Jo pointed from the lively lads in the distance to her father, leaning on the Professor’s arm, as they walked to and fro in the sunshine, deep in one of the conversations which both enjoyed so much, and then to her mother, sitting enthroned among her daughters, with their children in her lap and at her feet, as if all found help and happiness in the face which never could grow old to them. “My castle was the most nearly realized of

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